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Hardcat Fixed Asset Management Software, Asset Tracking Software, Asset Data Capture Services and Asset Auditing Services

Hardcat is a cost effective and easy-to-implement asset management software and asset tracking software solution. Hardcat also provides fixed asset auditing services and hardware solutions including asset tagging, asset data capture, and asset reconciliation.

Hardcat is flexible and modular so you only pay for what you need. Renowned for rapid deployment, so you can be operational in days not months, and infinitely scalable, from a few users managing minimal numbers of assets all the way to thousands of users managing millions of assets. Hardcat can even integrate with your existing ERP.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we've been specialising in fixed asset management for over 20 years and have serviced over 1000 clients worldwide across 120 countries. While other systems will take months to deploy, Hardcat's asset management system will take just days.

Our concept is about creating unrivalled asset visibility and asset traceability in order to reveal hidden knowledge about assets and turn that into significant value. A typical asset audit by Hardcat uncovers at least 15-30% discrepancy within an organisation's established fixed asset register.

Hardcat delivers measurable value and major cost savings to organisations by providing a comprehensive and structured approach to cradle-to-grave control of asset valuation, asset purchase, asset operation, asset maintenance and asset disposal.

Return on Investment

Assess how much an inaccurate asset register could be costing your organisation with one of our online ROI calculators:

Calculator 2How Accurate is your Asset Register Calculator

Hardcat's Lost Asset (Ghost Asset) Calculator

The most common issue facing organisations managing their fixed assets register, is the accuracy and validity of the data in the asset register. The result of inaccurate data in financial and operational systems can be very costly.


More than 3,000 blue chip organisations in 120 countries chose Hardcat for their fixed asset management needs.

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What our clients say

We evaluated 5-6 other similar solutions and Hardcat beat them all by leaps and bounds.

Ball Aerospace (USA)

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