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Web-based asset management HardcatWeb is the fastest way to deliver Hardcat software to multiple users. With ‘domain control’ and increased visibility of assets allocated to resources, HardcatWeb puts you firmly in control.

Have you ever needed information right away on a work order or problem? What about the geographical location of a critical piece of equipment or the location of spare parts within a facility? Web-based asset management systems (accessible via web-enabled devices) are designed to help organisations competently track and maintain the assets and equipment they own.

Web-based applications for asset management and equipment tracking work in a ‘live’ connected stage to the core database with configurable access to suit individual users and locations.

Assets, inventory (stock) and equipment tracking solutions

When To Consider Web-Based Asset Management and Tracking

Experience tells us that users move to web-based asset management when one or more of the following business triggers come into play:

  • An organisation demands greater accountability and detail for risk assessments of its asset base

  • The increasing importance of asset condition assessments as part of future capital funding

  • Asset ownership is decentralised to individual business units from a centralised corporate function

  • When decentralised procurement requires local asset creation and update

  • Greater process accountability is required over work order distribution to staff and contractors

HardcatWeb partnered with the MiCatX app is your gateway to efficiencies whilst users are working remotely. It is the easiest and fastest way to remotely consume your Hardcat database. HardcatWeb allows for a host of benefits such as Greater oversight and accountability for assets.

  • Better responsiveness to their care and maintenance.
  • Reduction in information bottlenecks.
  • More rapid and timely update of basic asset data such as current location requirements and capabilities.

Web-based asset management delivers responsibility to each site or person to get real time information quickly and easily.

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What Is Domain Control?

While traditional security determines what a user can do to data (read, amend, delete, etc.) domain control is a special mode of data partitioning which mandates the scope of data visible to a user. 

With domain control, administrators can define ‘domains’ of data to restrict or permit user access to information. 

For example; a domain might be constructed to cover a type of asset at a given location, such that a maintenance engineer could be assigned a domain of “Wollongong Site Air Conditioning and Cooling Units”, thus enabling such users to access the specific equipment necessary to perform a task. 

Similarly, domains can be constructed around cost centres or organisational units to restrict access to equipment relevant to a department.

Domain control is a powerful tool to help maintain the accuracy and validity of data while arming people with the information they need to get the job done to deliver value.

Greater Accountability With HardcatWeb

Web-based asset management HardcatWeb work orders
HardcatWeb Work Orders

HardcatWeb enables you to extend your Hardcat asset management solution throughout your organisation, without exposing the full functionality of the traditional Hardcat client/server Windows application. This does not replace your Hardcat system, it complements it by simply sitting on top of your current system.

Reporting is made available to key stakeholders who may wish to access reports, without having to install the Windows client on their desktop or learn how to navigate through the various Hardcat modules to locate the relevant data.

Web-based asset management greatly amplifies the benefits that an organisation can gain from the use of Hardcat, as the web interface allows data to be collected in various locations. Allowing more people to access and update the Hardcat database. Exposing only their access level functionality and without the need for any specialised training!

Screenshot of HardcatWeb
HardcatWeb stock management

Boost Your Competitive Edge

Increased visibility of the core Hardcat database via the web browser will provide a host of benefits, including:

  • View real-time asset and inventory levels at multiple locations
  • Improved responsiveness to assets needing repair and maintenance
  • Issue and return (check-in/out) function for loaned devices on the fly
  • Scan barcodes for asset and inventory audits
  • Schedule and perform asset maintenance with work orders
  • Schedulers quickly and easily locate available assets via maps
  • Greater oversight and accountability for assets
  • Reduction in information bottlenecks
  • Timely update of basic asset data such as current location
  • Smart options to allow administrators to tailor access to suit user requirements and capabilities

HardcatWeb partnered with the MiCatX app is your gateway to efficiencies whilst users are working remotely. It is the easiest and fastest way to remotely consume your Hardcat database.

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