Small and Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

Asset management and tracking solutions for those who have a lot to lose.

Asset management software solutions for small-medium and enterprise industries. When there is no room for error, you need accuracy and you need certainty. You need knowledge and control of your assets, fleet, tools and equipment, facilities and evidence, no matter what. Hardcat is an asset management database software solution for organisations in construction, mining, emergency services, hospitals, aged care, education, hospitality, and law enforcement.


Hardcat Asset Management Software is a specialist suite that offers multiple modules to help users improve the utilisation, maintenance, and financial management of the company’s asset base. The application restructures and automates processes while providing wide-ranging and instant visibility of assets, tools and equipment information over its entire lifecycle.


The Asset Management Software platform adopts a streamlined real-time tactic to help users track places, people, items, and incidents altogether a single source of truth database. Hardcat is passionate about asset intelligence, which offers complete visibility of all asset-related activities and aids decision-making. Our vision is to provide solutions and expertise, delivering holistic oversight of valued resources. Through the effective ownership, utilisation and management of assets, tools and equipment, property and evidence.


Hardcat asset management software solutions relieve the burden of tracking and management of assets, tools and equipment, property and evidence. Protects your business against financial and reputational loss. Giving you the intelligence to make decisions with certainty.

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Scalable asset management software

Scalable and configurable

Hardcat’s asset management software lets you create the framework you want. It is easily configurable and allows you to scale up and down as your business needs change, putting control firmly in your hands.

Experienced in critical environments

Delivering under pressure is nothing new to us. We’ve partnered with organisations working in some of the most critical environments in the world. Our solutions will meet your challenges and maintain integrity throughout. View Hardcat PDF.

Experienced software provider
Proven methodology

Proven methodology

When it comes to assets, property and evidence management, success is all in the preparation. Our proven methodology means we put a lot of effort into planning for your success, helping you set up right, right from the start.

Who is Hardcat for?

We work with organisations that have a lot to lose. That means partnering with organisations working in some of the most critical environments around the world, where trust is critical. With them, we’ve developed solutions to complex challenges that provide them with certainty when it matters.

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Hardcat asset management software customers

What our clients say

  • When you use a system in a theatre of war, it has to be 100% solid. This was our major consideration in choosing Hardcat.

    Major David Greenslade Ministry of Defence
  • The Hardcat solution helps engineers to ensure the Synchrotron’s components are regularly maintained to sustain a successful operation of the facility.  

    Ian Graham Operations Support Manager, Australian Synchrotron
  • You can have any system you want in the world but if there is no service behind it, it is useless to you. Hardcat has provided us with fantastic support in customising the tool to suit our exact needs and to align asset maintenance and management with how we wanted to do it.

    John Beckman Chief Engineer, Hayman Island Resort

In over 120 countries around the world, there are over 2,000 organisations managing, protecting and maintaining assets, property and evidence with Hardcat. They trust the assurance provided by our deep experience and rely on our solutions when they have a lot to lose.