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People, Places, Incidents & Assets –
Hardcat tracks them all

Hardcat’s streamlined approach to real-time asset management will ensure your organisation has full and instant visibility of all your assets from cradle to grave.

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Capturing and/or auditing all critical data about every asset you need to track is a specialty of the Hardcat professional services team. Populating your Hardcat asset management registry with accurate, relevant data is the best way to reap maximum benefit from the toolset.

Hardcat data integrity reaped from efficient, accurate audit and capture tools allows organisations to know the exact status of assets in real time so they can start leveraging that broad visibility and depth of knowledge to business advantage.

As a browser-based application, Hardcat solutions are available on any web-enabled device. Smart phones, PDAs, tablets and laptops can all be used making the full knowledge, control and power of Hardcat at hand in the field.

Meanwhile, whether you use barcodes, RFID or another tagging technology, Hardcat is quickly and easily configured so that mobile devices can capture and access data anywhere there is an internet connection as well as distribute prioritised work orders to operatives.

Hardcat’s expertise in RFID-based asset management is unsurpassed. Whether you are looking for bulk asset issue and return in construction, mining, defence or law enforcement or meticulous document management in the financial or legal sector, Hardcat has an active or passive RFID solution that suits.

There are an almost infinite number of ways to leverage Hardcat asset management and RFID technology to avert risk, achieve productivity benefits, drive cost efficiencies and derive strategic value from better governance over your asset management regime.

Trusted by over 2,000 blue chip companies, in over 120 countries worldwide

Hardcat has specialised in fixed asset management solution products for over 30 years

— Lee Kolokas, Project Engineer for Flinders Ports

“There is no doubt that we are far more proactive in the management of our pilot vessel fleet than we have ever been. We are also far more efficient in recording unscheduled or reactive service events which has delivered significant benefits in the overall management of fleet operations.”

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What do you get with Hardcat Asset Management Solutions?

Companies deciding to get serious about tracking their assets do it because they want measurable and reportable outcomes that will save their organisations time and money at the same time as covering off on every definable warranty, governance and compliance responsibility. It’s all about optimised utilisation, minimised total cost of ownership and bullet-proof accountability.

Complete Asset Management - more than just financials

That is why a company’s existing ERP system doesn’t make the cut when it comes to asset management. Look at what Hardcat can do for you.


Asset Data Capture and Audit

Easy mobile interface makes it easy for assets to audited in the field quickly and efficiently creating the type of real-time, searchable asset data that can improve governance and generate valuable knowledge ready for business analytics.

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Streamlined Issue and Return

There are enormous cost savings and productivity improvements that can be achieved from efficient asset issue and return processes managed by Hardcat. Add passive or active RFID technology and watch the benefits multiply..

Maximum Mobile Flexibility

Use the Hardcat MiCat app on any device or take advantage of the web-based interface that brings Hardcat to life on any browser. Take the full knowledge, control and power of Hardcat into the field..

Best Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning to open any asset record and update status or retrieve automated asset work orders. Easily managed custom lists of asset types, locations or financials. Handheld scanners and mobile apps take asset management into the field.