Cleaning patient care equipment and PPE Control

PPE and cleaning patient care equipment tracking

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is equipment worn by a worker to minimize exposure to specific hazards. Examples of PPE include safety shoes, gloves, aprons, fall protection, and full-body Tyvek suits, as well as the head, hand, and foot protection.

Using PPE is only one element in a complete hazard control program that would use a variety of strategies to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. PPE does not reduce the hazard itself nor does it guarantee permanent or total protection.

It is important to track PPE as a vital part of workplace safety. By tracking long-term PPE (reusable) more efficiently and effectively, it’s possible to maintain safety and compliance goals while reducing resources spent managing your PPE program.

The World Health Organization has warned that severe and mounting disruption to the global supply of PPE – caused by rising demand, panic buying, hoarding and misuse – is putting lives at risk. Companies are worried about liability for not having the right amount of PPE for worker protection. 

Shortage of PPE endangering healthcare workers

PPE such as full-face respirators, self-contained breathing apparatuses, gas masks, N95 respirators, and surgical masks are a sought-after commodity and therefore need to be tracked to reduce both misplacement and theft. PPE Management software guarantees a centralised and effective control over assignment and PPE delivery. Specifically, when and who is delivering them and to which employee.

Who cleans patient care equipment and how often?

Who cleans cleaning patient care equipment and how often, is just one important question prompted by the data uncovered by researchers at several healthcare institutions in Texas. The cleaning of equipment and surfaces needs to be electronically recorded, and accessible by healthcare workers, to ensure their safety and the safety of patients. 

The PPE and patient care equipment solution work with your Hardcat system to monitor reusable PPE and cleaning cycles. Reducing waste and costs. More than ever healthcare workers need to know where clean and available PPE and patient care equipment such as ventilators are located, for a rapid response. Easily managing inventory levels, budget projections and repairs, while helping you to achieve compliance.

The Hardcat stock module keeps track of quantities of items such as PPE and the associated cleaning, inspection, repairs, locations and assignments. PPE equipment such as masks/gloves/hand sanitiser etc. while not of high value is in high demand and these items need to be tracked, from purchase order right through to use and disposal for compliance and worker safety.

Hospital Essential Inventory cover

Hospitals and aged care essential inventory control PDF

PPE management stock module

Hardcat stock module tells you where PPE is located and the quantity, keeping track of how, when and what quantity of stock is used, and for what purposes.

  • Automatically reminds you of required maintenance
  • Age, assignments, inspections, cleanings, repairs, and TCO
  • Cloud system works from any internet-connected computer, smartphone, tablet or other devices
  • Project future economic liabilities based on PPE age and repair costs
  • Audit trail of stock usage
  • Automatic reorder of stock-based upon usage
  • Simple and effective budget management
  • Caters for multiple foreign currencies
  • User-defined purchasing limits
  • Send automatic notifications to employees on PPE expiry
  • Attach certificates and documents when issuing PPE
  • Control PPE costs with detailed reports
  • Identify inventory gaps
  • Stay in compliance
  • Maintain optimum stock levels (not too high not too low)
  • A complete history of pricing changes
  • Stock, inventory and consumables tracking, re-ordering and movement

PPE and patient care equipment management – choose your level of certainty

Integration between equipment tracking, stock/inventory, maintenance and help desk modules allows an organisation to know what stock is critical to avoid loss of productivity and to keep your workers safe.

Hardcat is your integrated PPE solution, that is easy to use and provides accountability. Record requirements and practices for the management of Personal Protective Equipment, and control supply, use, replacement, maintenance, training and storage.

Healthcare, hospitals and aged care asset tracking 

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