Hotel assets and maintenance management; Hardcat have been providing leading hotels, resorts and other hospitality industry customers with hotel asset management and tracking tools for over 30 years. Utilising a combination of Barcode and RFID technology, alongside our world-renowned Hardcat software, we provide our customers with the right tools to achieve management and compliance for critical assets, whether for governance, statutory or warranty obligations.

There are far more assets hotels are responsible for beyond guest room items. From the artwork and furniture in the common areas and hallways, inventory in the gift shop, to HVAC, plumbing and IT assets for the administration department.

Hotels that run their own restaurants must make sure they have enough serving supplies; cooking equipment is calibrated and ensure the kitchen is fully stocked to meet demand. Additionally, any hotel with guest services such as a business centre, spa, gym, pool, sauna, need to track and maintain every single asset these separate areas require to function and their spare parts.

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