NSW Police case study

NSW Police case study; end-to-end management of events, cases, incidents, jobs and evidence.

NSW Police is Australia’s oldest and largest police organisation with over 16,000 operational staff, and one of the biggest in the English-speaking world. It serves a population of over seven million in the state of New South Wales, which covers an area of over 800,000 square kilometres.

A community-based law enforcement agency operating on the land, sea and from the air with over 500 police stations across the state, NSW Police is a non-profit, statutory authority funded by the NSW State Government.

In 2011, NSW Police started searching for service-wide, holistic information management and tracking solution that could provide end-to-end management of events, cases, incidents, jobs and evidence but it couldn’t find a product anywhere in the world that met its requirements. From 2011 to 2018 here is the NSW Police case study.

Comprehensive tracking of all relevant information

Operationally, the Exhibits Forensics Information and Miscellaneous Property System EFIMS now enable NSW Police to know the exact whereabouts and history of any piece of evidence gathered by any officer anywhere in the State of NSW Australia.

By providing a comprehensive tracking and information management solution that records every touchpoint on forensic evidence and investigative intelligence, the EFIMS solution is facilitating a new era of best practice electronic information management for the NSW Police Force.

EFIMS ushers in new automated and fully audit-able tracking processes. These dramatically reduce the amount of time police officers spend on maintaining manual evidence logs or briefs as each piece of new information is only ever entered once joining a full audit trail of every entry and interaction.

Success with the EFIMS system saw the project expanded so it could be integrated with NSW Police Force’s core, mainframe-based Computerised Operational Policing System (COPS): an operational database used to record victim, offender and incident information. This means that it supports complete transparency on cases, events and incidents in relation to all jobs and tasks that all officers perform in the field.

To serve and protect law enforcement agencies

There is a tremendous potential for leading-edge technical innovation in forensic services information management to improve police efficiency and performance, and to reduce the incidence of paper-based duplication in regards to forensic evidence movement and investigative information. Hardcat is now well-positioned to support those law enforcement objectives.

As the direct result of Hardcat’s partnership with NSW Police to develop EFIMS, a more generic law enforcement solution known as Hardcat Lebosi has been developed.

Designed to deliver a simple, efficient user experience, Hardcat Lebosi allows for an officer to use the solution in the field or office to record new information and search existing records to find meaningful correlating data. Its sole purpose is to assist agencies in fighting crime as well as responding to safety or security incidents and events as they occur. More information on property and evidence management.

police officer equipment and Hardcat Lebosi

Hardcat is also very proud to have been awarded the Victoria Police Enterprise Equipment Tracking and Management Solution in April 2019.

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