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Asset management drives efficiencies, cost savings and better customer service.

Hayman Island situated in the Whitsunday archipelago off the central Queensland coast, Australia, covers a landmass of four square kilometres and is home to one of Australia’s premier five-star tropical resort destinations.

InterContential Hayman Island Resort‘s unrivalled luxury begins with exquisite rooms, suites and villas across three distinct wings of the resort. Unforgettable collection meetings and event spaces, wedding venues, restaurants and bars, and an enriching new spa experience complete the heart of The InterContinental Life.

Island infrastructure also includes a marina precinct, gymnasium, squash courts, tennis courts, seven pools, beachfront activities, a retail precinct, a medical centre, business centre, children’s club, a chapel and a state primary school.

Complex asset tracking

The facilities management for this entire infrastructure is undertaken by the island’s engineering department which is responsible for every repair and maintenance task ranging from replacing light bulbs to managing the continuity of power and water.

It has to keep track of thousands of individual assets and assign staff to complete over 800 scheduled and unscheduled service tasks each month within its annual operating budget.

A single view of assets

According to Chief Engineer of Hayman Island, John Beckmann, a single software system that supports the full range of processes involved in managing Hayman Island’s assets is critical to maximising efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

“We’ve been using the Hardcat asset management tool suite for over 10 years now,” Beckmann said. “It allows us to track every aspect of procurement, repair, maintenance job allocation and costs for the island’s major assets so that we can continually improve the quality of engineering services that we deliver to the business.”

“We mainly use Hardcat as a job log-in and preventative maintenance system but it is also used to track activity in our purchasing department and for managing financial control.”

Preventative maintenance covered

Hayman Island’s Hardcat asset register includes all major or critical infrastructure and fixed assets as well as recreational, marine, internal transport equipment and major fittings in visitor and staff accommodation that require maintenance.

Hardcat manages the preventative maintenance and/or cleaning schedule for all of these assets and provides a full audit trail of tasks that have been completed and expenses that have been accrued during the full life cycle.

“All of the individual scheduled maintenance work orders are loaded into the system and we receive automated notifications when they come up,” Beckmann said. “Each week, our maintenance co-coordinator picks up scheduled jobs and allocates them to the appropriate supervisors.”

“For unscheduled maintenance incidents, supervisors have customised, web-based job logging forms set up on their desktops. When they identify a reactive task they will log it and the maintenance coordinator will allocate a trades-person to the job.”

Reaping the benefits

Hayman Island’s Engineering department is reaping significant benefits from using Hardcat. There is demonstrable process improvement in purchasing, financial management and job allocation.

In addition, Engineering has been able to transform a reactive maintenance culture into one that is based on scheduled preventative maintenance. This has reduced costs, extended the life of assets and reduced the impact on island visitors.

“When we deployed Hardcat, our core objective was to engineer improvement in preventative maintenance so we could track work orders against equipment and better manage contractors,” Beckmann said. “That has been a huge benefit for us but the implementation of the Purchasing module with new Budget Management and Purchasing Approvals processes has been fantastic as well.”

However, Beckmann emphasised that at the end of the day, success in the hospitality industry is all about optimising the customer experience to ensure their stay is as enjoyable as possible. He said that Hardcat has also delivered on this key objective.

“Not only are we getting less incidents because of a better managed preventative maintenance regime but also our staff are better organised so that they can get more done each day,” Beckmann said. “This all adds up to resort maintenance having less impact on island visitors.”

The Hardcat difference

Hardcat is an Australian-based leader in the development and implementation of asset management technology. With over 36 years of experience, it specialises in providing comprehensive, flexible and data-rich management solutions.

Its global strength in the marketplace is forged through developing solutions that support its customers’ needs for efficiency and cost reduction as well as regulatory and contractual compliance.

Hardcat has operated as an independent and innovative solution provider since 1986 with solutions deployed in over 120 countries. A new Hardcat solution is sold every three days.

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