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Locating your assets, tools and equipment is just the first part of the job. We offer complete solutions to help you audit, track and maintain your assets with small-medium enterprise or enterprise solutions. We know that certainty matters. That’s why our solutions provide full and instant visibility, so you’re never in doubt. Hardcat’s software solutions specialise in the tracking of entities, as well as the maintenance of those entities. To extend the life and reduce the time, effort, and cost to control those entities.

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Asset Register – Core Module for VX (small-medium enterprise)

This is the central requisite module that all other Hardcat modules are supported. It is the central hub containing all data required to be known about assets, tools and equipment. The asset register module is the core of the Hardcat VX intelligence management system and provides the foundation for optional add-on modules (see below) to extend functionality. Designed to collect and deliver in-depth information through easy-to-use and easy-to-customise features via a convenient user dashboard.

Asset management system

Asset Tagging – Asset Identification

Tagging your assets serves as the foundation for an asset-tracking solution. Enabling organisations to monitor equipment usage. Including planned regular maintenance and repairs. Asset tagging makes it easier to perform physical audits for compliance with regulatory bodies. Standardises asset identification, (employees can easily identify and locate assets) and lowers the risk of misplacement and theft.

Asset tags; their technology and environments

Asset Management Services

From choosing the right asset tags for your environment to system configuration Hardcat professional services are with you all the way. This includes a business situation review, database configuration, application development, user training, physical asset audits and optimisation of existing asset inventory processes.

Our professional services team have worked in hundreds of countries and thousands of client locations and has a unique understanding of business requirements. Providing the best and most efficient way to achieve the same.

Asset management services

The Hardcat team is backed by a tremendous technical customer service team that promptly caters to every client need.

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API Functions

Our API development tool builds interfaces that communicate with Hardcat software, and allow users to perform tasks from within other 3rd party systems. The greatest benefit of using APIs is the significant decrease in internal costs by eliminating the need for employees to re-enter data that is already captured by an application, site or service. The Hardcat API allows users to perform Hardcat functions from other systems.

Integration services

Barcoding / QR Code / RFID Tracking Technology

By automating time-intensive asset audits and data collection, this module offers a fast, accurate and discreet method of identifying fixed and portable assets – from furniture and HVAC to laptops, photocopiers, modems, desktop computers, tools and equipment. Catering for all things barcoding, QR Code and RFID, includes the transfer of data to and from the handheld reader, the printing of barcodes as well as issuing and returning (check-in/out) using a handheld wireless scanner.

Mobile tracking technology

Cloud-hosted Asset Management

HardcatCloud cloud deployment is built on the industry’s best data centre and network architecture. It leverages a wide variety of security features, automated monitoring and reporting services to ensure our clients have the best asset management experience in a stable environment. A secure cloud-hosted platform that doesn’t require your team to manage operating system and database licensing, server maintenance or database backup.

Cloud-hosted asset management – HardcatCloud

Depreciation and Finance module

The depreciation module caters for an unlimited amount of different depreciation sets. Two of these sets are generally Book and Tax. The depreciation module is designed to be flexible enough to cater for the majority of depreciation calculations required by fiscal compliance requirements with unparalleled flexibility both in structure and reporting to allow virtually any depreciation scenario to be handled.

Unlike other depreciation solutions, non-depreciable assets such as leased items can be maintained in the same asset database and appear in an asset listing without appearing in the depreciation schedule. It is also possible for other asset register users (e.g. IT employees or maintenance staff) to have their own asset classification system without affecting the asset type structure set up for depreciation purposes.

Asset depreciation

Our advanced security features ensure against non-finance staff accidentally changing any financial asset values or structures.

Note that this module is currently not available for the Hardcat Lebosi enterprise solution.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Hardcat’s latest product is our enterprise solution Hardcat® Lebosi®, which caters for asset management, facilities management and evidence functions. The Hardcat Lebosi solution is designed for enterprise-scale implementations, allowing 50,000-plus users online at any point in time.

Hardcat Lebosi is 100 per cent web-based and can be deployed in the cloud. Its front-end is entirely HTML 5, hence can be deployed equally to desktop workstations, tablets, and mobile devices.

Hardcat Lebosi EAM

The platform capabilities are regularly expanded, with RFID fixed reader gateways as well as mobility, CCTV, IoT and facial recognition among recent innovations.

Fleet Management

Our fleet management solution aims to reduce risk, improve safety and security, and optimise your fleet operations. Reduce the total cost of ownership, protect investments in assets, assist asset inventory management and facilitate preventative maintenance in compliance with vehicles’ OEM guidelines.

Fleet management

Geo-Mapping – HardcatWeb

HardcatWeb has a geolocation feature that makes it simpler and quicker to manage assets geographically. To identify opportunities, reduce risk and adapt for the future. Clear visualisation of the significance of a certain location, is a key contextual component when making critical business decisions about an asset’s value. Whether you want a theft deterrent for peace of mind, or want to improve productivity and efficiency, geo-mapping equipment provides a myriad of benefits.

Geo Mapping – visualise assets on a map

Hardcat Sentinel – RFID Gateway

Hardcat Sentinel is an application that utilises fixed RFID readers. The application reads passive RFID tags on assets and personnel passing through a doorway or chokepoint location. RFID-triggering CCTV images are an important deterrent in areas without physical security. Fixed RFID readers installed at prominent entry and exit points will automatically detect assets and people moving in and out of these locations.

RFID Sentinel – asset tracking with fixed readers

Help Desk/Service Desk module

The help desk module is a single integrated solution to manage service management, fault logging, reporting and resolution, change management and technical knowledge base. Immediately identify assets under warranty, maintenance support details and the performance and cost history of each asset. Tools included allowing problem diagnosis with the ability to escalate problems and calculate the downtime for performance statistics on assets, asset types and suppliers.

Help desk module – simplifies your service desk

Manage the entire problem creation through to completion using a mobile device so you can do everything at the source no matter where it is located.

Integration – Data Synchronisation

Dedicated to ensuring that the user experience is seamless, regardless of the asset management systems involved, Hardcat embraces system interoperability by utilising a suite of powerful tools and techniques. Out of the box, Hardcat provides users with a powerful import and export capability that can be scheduled to meet data synchronisation requirements.

For real-time activities, Hardcat can tailor an interface to meet an organisation’s exact requirements. For complex integration exercises with fairly closed systems, Hardcat can engage via an Information Broker (a set of tables or files which reside between systems and are shared by various parties). Thus ensuring that only the required information is shared and that the most appropriate integrators and vendors are consuming data.

Integration services

From the largest to the smallest software packages, from ERPs to small, bespoke accounting systems, and even hardware auto-discovery tools. Hardcat can tailor an interface to suit your environement.

Microsoft Active Directory

Hardcat has an interface that links directly to Microsoft’s active directory allowing many times saving benefits such as updating Hardcat automatically with the transition of staff into and out of the client’s organisation.

Hardcat Active Directory Interface PDF

Preventative Maintenance module

Used worldwide to maintain all types of operational equipment, assemblies and their components, typically by location/project/product type/and equipment type. This module makes for a crucial component of your asset management solution. Behind the maintenance module sits a very large, scalable database that can manage hundreds of thousands of individual items of equipment.

Handling through-life history of the asset from inception through to disposal, set up cyclical/recurring tasks or templates and automatically create scheduled work orders, recurring and one-off, triggered by date or unit information, or a combination of both.

Ad-hoc work orders can also be actioned. Imminent or overdue work orders can automatically be flagged by email or via smartphone or tablet (if using the MiCat tool) to the appropriate parties. Generate reports for past, current and future maintenance plans for an asset, or groups of assets.

Maintenance management

Property and Evidence Tracking

Hardcat offers the world’s first asset-connected evidence-tracking system. Our property and evidence solutions aid law enforcement agencies and other first responders with the tracking of crime scenes. Detailed records and images and seamless tracking offer unprecedented tracking and control and save tremendous time in record custody.

Property, exhibits and evidence tracking

Procurement and Purchasing module

The procurement module is for order processing control from budgeting, purchase order and goods delivery to invoicing and final disposal. See at a glance what assets are on order, their cost, what has been received and those overdue. A very powerful online purchasing system that allows employees to request items, route them to management for approval and then record the receipt of assets into the core asset register.

Procurement and purchasing

Note that this module is currently not available for the Hardcat Lebosi solution.

Smartphone and Tablet Apps

This software is installed on a client web server accessible to roaming users of the mobility application MiCatX. MiCatX links with the core module, preventative maintenance and help desk modules. This allows mobile users to create new assets, audit assets, manage work orders and reactive problems as well as provide field staff with visibility of work orders assigned to them.

MiCatX users can complete inspections, view detailed asset history, and easily track parts and labour in real-time. Enabling simple, fast, and reliable communication between the office and the field. Work performed is updated immediately in the Hardcat database (or when an Internet connection is available) with no manual upload/download of data*.

Mobile asset management – MiCatX

*Go off-line in a non-connected state, MiCatX stores data locally on your device allowing MiCatX access in areas with limited or no Internet.

Stock, Consumables and Inventory Management module

The stock module tracks the quantity and location of stock and consumables. The how, when and what quantity of stock is used for and maintain optimum stock levels (not too high not too low). A complete history of pricing changes permitting tracking, re-order, moving, changing and reporting on stock, parts and/or consumables. Integration between the stock module, maintenance and help desk functionalities allows an organisation to report on what spare parts are critical to avoid loss of productivity in the event of equipment breakdown.

Stock, inventory and spare parts control

Web-based Asset Management

HardcatWeb does not replace the Hardcat system, it compliments it! By installing the HardcatWeb module you can disseminate Hardcat data to remote locations with complete security. It simply sits on top of your current system. HardcatWeb enables you to extend the Hardcat solution throughout your organisation, without exposing the full functionality of the traditional Hardcat client/server Windows application.

Web-based asset management – HardcatWeb

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