Hardcat Software And The DTA Marketplace

Software Marketplace – WoAG Software Licensing and Services Panel

Hardcat software solutions are now available on the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) tech-related panel, listing suppliers that are certified to provide commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software.

Standing Offer Period:

2-Mar-2018 to 29-Apr-2026


Whole of Australian Government Software Licensing and Services (SLS) Panel


A panel has been established for the benefit of participating Commonwealth entities. The first category is for a Microsoft Licensing Solutions Provider for Microsoft software, services and deliverables. The second category is for Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Software Licensing and Services (SLS). More Information on the COTS SLS panel.

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Hardcat For Scalable And Configurable Implementations

Hardcat asset management software lets you create the framework you want. It is easily configurable and allows you to scale up and down as your business needs change, putting control firmly in your hands.

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Hardcat Experienced In Critical Environments

Delivering under pressure is nothing new to us. We’ve partnered with organisations working in some of the most critical environments in the world. Our solutions will meet your challenges and maintain integrity throughout.

Hardcat Has A Proven Methodology

When it comes to asset, property and evidence management, success is all in the preparation. Our proven methodology means we put a lot of effort into planning for your success, helping you set up right, right from the start.

Knowing where your assets are is just the first part of an asset managers job. Here at Hardcat, we offer a complete solution to help you audit, track, maintain and optimise your assets, tools and equipment in a way that gives you complete control. We know that certainty matters.

Certainty when it matters – Hardcat asset management software provides full and instant visibility, so you’re never in any doubt.

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