Property and Evidence Management

Complete and accurate chain of custody, leaving the integrity of incidents and evidence in no doubt.

When it comes to property, incidents and evidence management, you need a specialised solution. Working with law enforcement and government agencies for over 34 years we have developed solutions for forensic and evidence management, that leaves integrity in no doubt.

Certainty matters when a successful prosecution depends on a solid chain of custody. Our solutions are designed to provide unprecedented governance over the full custody chain and are the most comprehensive and efficient in securing and tracking property and evidence.

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Chain of custody

Prove the chain of custody

More effectively manage the investigative and forensic process with a complete audit trail of all physical and digital property and evidence from the point of capture, right through to court and final disposal. Live-tracking of movements, transfers and data access means complete visibility at every stage and that the chain of custody is fully transparent.


Create operational efficiencies

We understand that property and evidence is not collected at your desk. That’s why we’ve created mobile apps that allow your team to capture property and evidence from the scene. Our mobile solutions increase accuracy and efficiency and eliminate the need for paper form reporting. Authorised officers can have immediate access to analysis and results and improve productivity with instant log book processing and reporting.


Better automation and integration

Improve the complete lifecycle management of cases, events, incidents and exhibits and reduce forensics backlogs with automated workflows and routing of jobs to appropriate service providers. Integrate with a range of systems including command, dispatch, LIMS, ERP, warehouse and more. Allow whole of government outcomes by integrating and sharing data across law enforcement agencies.

What our clients say

“I have found, in past experience, that most applications of this sort are too rigid, and lack the exact tailoring that a client needs. However, Hardcat has provided us with everything that we desired, and more. The ability to generate custom reports, and to populate the database in categories as we see fit is a definite plus.”

Cox Communication Inc, USA

Flexible and powerful asset management


Complete control of property and evidence

With Hardcat you can easily capture, audit and manage the chain of custody for property and evidence. Our dashboards are configurable, with multiple security levels, so the right individuals can access the right information, at the right time. The powerful reporting functionality allows you to establish and prove the chain of custody of your property and evidence in seconds, not days.

Full visibility

Rich data, more intelligence

Hardcat’s property and evidence management solution delivers deeper insights on all your property and evidence with a comprehensive search and sort capability. Rich metadata can provide you with the intelligence you need to link cases. With critical data at your fingertips, you have the ability to make informed decisions and present solid evidence, that could make all the difference in getting a conviction or achieving positive outcomes for the community.


Easy to use interface

There’s no point in having asset tracking and monitoring if the data is too hard to find. Hardcat’s solution is simple to use, with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to find what they need, when they need it. And a more intuitive user experience means better governance; after all, a system that is easy to use is more likely to be used correctly.

Hardcat’s end-to-end asset management solutions

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