Maintenance Management

Assets, fleet, buildings and equipment maintenance and incident management.

The old adage – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – couldn’t be more untrue when it comes to managing your critical assets, fleet, facilities/buildings and tools and equipment. Unscheduled breakdowns and failures result in costly downtime and expensive repairs. This is avoidable with Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), also called planned maintenance or scheduled maintenance, and reactive maintenance management software solution.

Hardcat provides you with the certainty and the critical insights you need to optimise and maintain your critical assets, mitigate the risk of failure and ensure that you have governance, compliance, health and safety covered. It also gives your team what they need to quickly and accurately manage faults and service issues, with the most efficient mobile tools possible.


Prevent breakdowns and maintain business continuity

Ensure assets, tools and equipment are operating at peak efficiency at all times by proactively scheduling inspections and maintenance activities based on operational intelligence and best practices. Hardcat can also enable intelligent maintenance through the data input of sensors that continuously monitor asset performance. With careful analysis of IoT sensor data, a technician with the right skill set can be scheduled to inspect a failing asset, before it fails.


Plan, forecast and manage your maintenance

Know everything about your asset maintenance from past, current and future maintenance schedules, to operating costs, warranty, maintenance, support, and performance history – so you prove your integrity when it matters. Hardcat’s maintenance management solution delivers rich data that provides you with the critical insights you need to forecast, make decisions and manage resources that will optimise your assets and mitigate the risk of breakdowns.

Enterprise Asset Tracking Productivity

Create operational efficiencies

With Hardcat, get complete control of all your planned and reactive asset maintenance and efficiently manage your maintenance crews. Maximise your productivity by setting up common tasks, templates and workflows and automatically schedule recurring work orders. Automate alerts of pending, in-progress, incomplete and missed maintenance events, with in-built escalations, so maintenance is always completed on time, every time.

What our clients say

Not only are we getting fewer incidents because of a better managed preventative maintenance regime but also our staff are better organised so that they can get more done in each day. This all adds up to resort maintenance having less impact on island visitors.”

John Beckman, Chief Engineer, Hayman Island Resort

Flexible and powerful asset management

Mobile Apps

Access from anywhere, on any device

Access and manage all asset maintenance information from anywhere, even if you’re offline. Field technicians can receive and view work orders, scan assets, complete tasks and update any information and even take photos, all from their mobile device. Any changes made from the field are instantly sent back to the Hardcat database, reducing paperwork and time-consuming follow up activities.


Optimise stock and inventory management

Know exact stock, consumables and inventory usage for servicing all your critical assets, so you never run out or over order again. With Hardcat you can know your stock inventory location, quantity, when it was used and for what purpose, with a complete audit trail. Automate reordering of stock based upon historic usage and keep optimal levels of critical spares to improve asset utilisation and reduce downtime and productivity loss.


Easy to use mobile app

Hardcat’s mobile app has an intuitive user experience that makes it easy for your field technicians to see work orders allocated to them, what needs to be done on which assets and where – regardless of whether they are an employee or contractor. There’s no need for training, no paper trails and no double handling, just instant updates and real time visibility of critical work orders, from anywhere on any device.

Hardcat’s end-to-end asset management solutions

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