Asset Tracking

Fast and accurate asset tagging and tracking technologies.

Drive efficiency in tagging, tracking and auditing by utilising cutting-edge identification and mobile asset tracking technologies to build a digital management solution that ensures all data is current and accurate. It doesn’t matter if you use RFID, barcode or QR codes, with Hardcat’s scanning devices and tagging and tracking solution, you can facilitate mass audits, issues, and returns quickly and accurately, with a full audit trail.

Hardcat provides complete mobility and accessibility, so you can empower your workforce to rapidly and accurately capture data, complete inspections and work orders, view reports and undertake audits, wherever they are using our mobile applications.

Enterprise Asset Tracking Productivity

Create operational efficiencies

Drive efficiencies by connecting your office and field teams for faster processing and improved data integrity. Automate labour-intensive audits and data collection by utilising Hardcat’s mobile applications, combined with the latest identification and tracking technology. Achieve near perfect accuracy and reduce the time required to undertake audits by eliminating human error and cumbersome, disconnected spreadsheets.


More control, where you need it

The full knowledge, control and power of Hardcat is at hand whether you are in the office or in the field. The Hardcat MiCatX smartphone and tablet app provides you with mobility and accessibility even when you are offline. So you can empower in-field staff to rapidly and accurately capture data, complete inspections and work orders, view reports and complete audits, wherever they are.


Make faster, more informed decisions

Hardcat’s tagging and tracking solution captures critical insights on assets, so you can identify assets that are missing, in the wrong location, not being utilised, in poor condition, or not in the database. And with the data accessible anytime and anywhere, your team can improve efficiency and responsiveness in the management, repair and maintenance of critical assets.

What our clients say

“I don’t know how we survived without Hardcat. We now use it for everything.”

Inchord Communications Inc (USA)

Flexible and powerful asset management

Full potential

End to end solution

Hardcat can supply you with a complete solution to tag, track and manage all your assets, property and evidence, whether they are small or large, physical or digital. We take the time to understand your software and hardware requirements and provide the right tagging and tracking technologies, handheld or fixed readers. RFID or barcode scanners and even mobile devices to ensure your success.

Mobile Apps

User friendly mobile apps

Hardcat’s mobile app increases efficiency and visibility across all asset, property and evidence management by connecting the field to the office, delivering faster decision making and improved productivity. The iPhone and Android native apps deliver true asset management mobility and ensure your work crews can view, capture and record with certainty, regardless of the mobile device they are using.


Easy to use interface

Hardcat’s mobile app and web solutions are simple to use, with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to find what they need, when they need it. The intuitive user experience means there is a reduced need for user training, regardless of your employees’ previous digital experience.

Hardcat’s end-to-end asset management solutions

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