Procurement and Purchasing

Take complete control of your asset acquisitions and procurement process.

Get complete control over the procurement process of all assets and inventory starting at the purchase request all the way through purchase order, budgeting, goods delivery, and invoicing. Hardcat is a powerful end-to-end purchasing solution that delivers better intelligence of past, present and pending asset acquisitions and procurements.

(note: Hardcat® Lebosi® Enterprise software does not include the purchasing module)

Single view

A single view of all asset orders

At a glance know everything about your procurement and asset purchase orders, including a complete history and current status of all purchase orders that can be filtered by suppliers, assets, budgets or departments. This means that you can easily see what assets are on order, their cost and what has been received and what is overdue.

Analytics and Data

Improved budget control and productivity

Match your available expenditure to your procurement schedules and trigger alerts as thresholds are met, so you never over order or go over budget again. With automation of administrative tasks across the entire procurement solution, as well as pre-defined processes and permissions and simplified re-ordering, you can significantly improve your operational efficiency and budget control.


Flexible configuration and reporting

Your data, your way. Hardcat allows you to configure your solution to suit your industry, currency, regulatory and governance requirements and tax jurisdictions. It puts the power back in your hands to develop and design custom reports and dashboards – by configuration rather than costly custom software development. It also integrates with many popular third-party systems, and is scalable to react to changes in your business. Easily configure it to cover a single office location, to countrywide, or even the world.

What our clients say

“At the end of the day, it all comes down to us now being in a much better position to start analysing all the data we have and being more strategic about how we can manage costs, improve efficiency and extend the life of assets.”

Stuart Allen, Project Procurement Policy Convenor, Zoos Victoria

Flexible and powerful asset management


Optimise stock and inventory management

Know exact stock usage for critical assets and automatically raise new purchase orders when reorder thresholds are reached, helping to ensure you never run out or over order stock again. Know your stock inventory location, quantity, when it was used and for what purpose, with a complete audit trail and history of pricing changes.


Centralised procurement policies

Access centralised procurement policies for cost effective procurement decisions. Need to connect to a third-party system? Not a problem.


Easy to use interface

Hardcat’s solution is simple to use, with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it. And a more intuitive user experience means better governance; after all, a system that is easy to use is more likely to be used correctly.

Hardcat’s end-to-end asset management solutions

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