Asset Depreciation

Save time with asset depreciation calculations and reporting.

See the full and accurate picture of your asset depreciation, tailored to suit your exact governance and/or statutory compliance requirements. Finance professionals can save time through automated calculations and reporting of asset depreciation. With unparalleled flexibility in structure and reporting, you can virtually handle any depreciation scenario.

(note: Hardcat® Lebosi® Enterprise software does not include the depreciation module)


Flexible configuration and reporting

Your data, your way. Hardcat allows you to configure your asset depreciation solution to suit your industry, currency, regulatory and governance requirements and tax jurisdictions. It puts the power back in your hands to develop and design custom reports and dashboards. It also integrates with any popular third-party systems, and is scalable to react to changes in your business. Easily configure it to cover a single location, to countrywide, or even the world.

Single view

One single view across assets and currencies

With Hardcat you don’t need to separate non-depreciable assets, such as leased items, from assets that are depreciable in finance reporting processes. This means that you can know everything about your assets that matters, and each individual asset class can be assigned its own depreciation rates and methods and exported to financials. No matter whether you operate across multiple countries and currencies, Hardcat allows you to depreciate all assets for all variables in a single system, providing group visibility.

Analytics and Data

Cost-effective finance and depreciation

When it comes to depreciation, our solution provides best practice without the huge configuration and cost. The Hardcat platform is agnostic, so data can easily be imported and exported to the most popular enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle and Dynamics.

What our clients say

“I believe Hardcat could become the next best thing since Excel for business”

McClain Consulting USA

Flexible and powerful asset management


Full regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies

Hardcat will help you achieve compliance with any regulatory requirements for asset tracking and reporting, such as International Reporting Standards. Create endless depreciation sets and methods to meet the differing asset classes. Maximise productivity by automating periodical reporting obligations, so you never need to run them manually again. Simply set and forget and let the system email your reports each month.


Centralised depreciation management

Depreciation for an entire enterprise can be managed by a single dedicated person or team, anywhere in the world. Allocate depreciation expenses to your different cost centres. No matter whether you are managing one business unit, or an entire global enterprise, Hardcat allows flexibility to cater for all the variations to cover your compliance and reporting needs.



Easy to use interface

Hardcat’s solution is simple to use, with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to find what you need, when you need it. And a more intuitive user experience means better governance; after all, a system that is easy to use is more likely to be used correctly.

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