ISO 55000 Compliance Audit

Ensure best practice and compliance.

Receiving certification “ups the ante” for the discipline of asset management and provides a clear and highly visible benchmark for good stewardship. While certification is likely to be attractive to only a small subset of organisations, Hardcat recommends that all asset-intensive organisations at least spend time understanding the content of these standards and how well their practices align with them.

What is ISO 55000 compliance?

The ISO 55000 series of asset management standards, an international standard, was launched in January 2014. The series encompasses three standards for asset management. ISO 55000, ISO 55001, and ISO 55002.

When used together the three standards deliver a framework, and guidelines, for the formulation and implementation of an integrated and effective asset management system.

These standards were developed over the course of several years in order to create a universal standard in asset management systems. Previous to this standard, a “Publicly Available Specification” or PAS 55 was used.

By demonstrating compliance, ISO 55000 improves analysis and reporting, which are vital elements when conducting business. It also provides the foundation for improvements to be made consistently from year to year.

What is a physical asset audit?

This type of asset audit usually occurs when a company wants to physically account for the organisation’s assets. Ideally, this asset checklist is generated from a company asset management system.

Why should you talk to Hardcat about an ISO 55000 compliance audit?

  • Good asset management leads to the optimum value for money
  • Provides consumers and other stakeholders with added confidence
  • It gives your company a competitive edge or better market standing
  • Certified ISO 55000 compliant is seen as taking asset management seriously
  • Better management with continuous improvement
  • Consistent business practices with less paperwork
  • Better risk management; helps regulators ensure that health, safety or environmental conditions are met

ISO 55000 Compliance Audit

Through our partners, we offer independent audits and advice on your compliance with the ISO 55000 series of Asset Management Standards to achieve best practice asset management.

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Configurable and scalable

Identify gaps with best practice and compliance, develop an asset management plan that is fully compliant with the requirements of ISO 55001


Receive recommended approaches and expertise towards compliance for integrated and effective asset management

Workflows white

Improve processes and practices, shape the culture and create meaningful change


Receive certification and provide a clear and highly visible benchmark for good stewardship

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