Tag, capture, audit and reconcile

Inaccurate asset registers cost you money.

Establishing the existence and location of an organisation’s assets, and evaluating their usable condition is a crucial business task for small and large organisations.

Quickly and effectively tag and capture new assets or maintain the quality of your asset register data with an asset audit.

Do it yourself or let us do it for you with our comprehensive asset audit tools and reconciliation services so that you can get on with business.

Don’t have Hardcat software but still need our audit and reconciliation services? No problem, we can utilise our software and technologies to deliver you an accurate asset register in your required format.

Why you need to audit assets

Asset tagging and capture

Tagging and capturing the data of your assets may not seem like rocket science, but doing it correctly is critical to achieving a successful asset management outcome. The seemingly most minor details can mean the difference between the success and failure of your entire asset management strategy.

Have you considered the type of asset tags you require? The tag technologies? The operating environment? Suitable adhesives for the application? RFID read range? The material of the equipment you’re tagging?

This is where the Hardcat Professional Services Team can provide the benefit of their expertise, reviewing your requirements and environment to recommend the best tagging and tracking technology and strategy.

Our team are also able to complete the task of tagging your assets as part of a broader asset data capture service, to ensure that your new asset management regime starts its journey with an accurate asset registry.

Asset audits and reconciliation

Every organisation is at risk from inaccurate data in its asset register. Hardcat provides fast, efficient audits and reconciliation using its mobile asset audit tools, asset audit software and our professional services team.

Hardcat has taken the pain out of conducting audits and reconciliation by automating portions of the process and adhering to a proven methodology. This significantly enhances the accuracy and speed of an audit minimising the impact on your daily operations. Read more on why you need to audit assets.

Don’t have Hardcat software but still need our audit and reconciliation services? No problem, we can utilise our software and technologies to deliver an accurate asset register in the format that you require.

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Global experience

Discover new assets or add them to the asset register with accurate details efficiently captured


Identify missing assets in the register so they can be written off or highlight assets that are redundant and no longer in use and awaiting disposal

Real-time reporting

Record the condition of each asset, noting those in poor condition or OH&S risk, resulting in a proactive asset management replacement program


Reduce the risks of business interruption by being able to pinpoint the whereabouts and availability of assets


Better manage regulatory compliance so that you can report efficiently and trust the data


Optimise the financial benefits of accurate data by knowing exactly what assets there are and ensuring that full tax depreciation, accountancy status and warranty entitlements are realised

We’re proud to be trusted by over 2,000 organisations in over 120 countries for the integrity and reliability of our asset tracking solution. How can we help you?