RFID security for people and assets

RFID security technology is a non-contact, automatic identification technology that uses radio signals to identify, track, sort and detect a variety of objects including people, vehicles, goods and assets without the need for direct contact (as found in magnetic stripe technology) or line of sight contact (as found in barcode technology).

A device called an RFID tag (or simply a tag) is a key component of the technology and are sometimes considered to be enhanced “electronic barcodes”.

What is RFID security with CCTV?

The deployment and use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology are growing rapidly across all types of industries. RFID asset management applies RFID technology not only in traditional applications such as asset or inventory tracking but also in security services such as manned and/or unmanned high-security locations. The Hardcat solution triggers CCTV and sends photographs and alerts to the security desk or control room when certain controls are activated.

How does RFID work?

Systems that make use of RFID technology are typically composed of three key elements:

  1. An RFID tag or transponder that carries object-identifying data (such as asset and people identifiers)
  2. An RFID tag reader or transceiver and software that reads and writes tag data (either handheld or fixed to doorways)
  3. A back-end database, that stores all of the records associated with tag contents (the software)

The examples of applications are numerous, and it would be illusory to make an exhaustive list. Each day, millions of people use RFID systems without even knowing them: passes, badges for motorway tolls or access to workspaces, passports, electronic car keys, cargo tracking, etc. RFID is ubiquitous and increasingly seamless. Nowadays RFID has become almost unavoidable for applications related to access control and logistics, for which it is used for its main application: identification.

Hardcat RFID doorway reader with CCTV

Hardcat autonomous security solutions

The Hardcat autonomous RFID security solution is a combination of RFID tagging, of both people and assets, which is linked to CCTV cameras for unmanned locations and the Hardcat database software. The solution is designed to take a photograph of persons entering or leaving a location who do not comply with the requirements of the organisation. Fixed RFID readers installed at prominent entry and exit points (unmanned or manned locations) will automatically detect assets and people moving in and out of these doorways.

The Hardcat system raises a work order containing the photograph (taken by the CCTV camera) as well as RFID tag details of both the asset(s) and the person entering and leaving high-security locations.

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Hardcat will alert security

  • When a person’s RFID tag and asset RFID tag(s) do not reflect the owner and asset in the Hardcat database
  • When the asset(s) RFID tag(s) have no associated owner in the Hardcat database

Motion detection CCTV alerts

  • When a person entering/leaving location is outside working hours
  • When a person entering/leaving the location is without a “person” RFID tag
  • When a person without the correct tag creates an incident that causes CCTV to take photograph or video

RFID security triggering CCTV is an important deterrent in unmanned areas

Whether entering an unauthorised location, visiting after normal working hours or carrying assets that are not assigned, Hardcat will trigger an alert and send a work order (with image and RFID data) directly to the security desk/control room for attention.

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