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Geo-mapping with HardcatWeb

Who doesn’t want to know exactly where their assets are? HardcatWeb’s geo-mapping geolocation feature integrates with public and private Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Enabling [...]

Asset Procurement Risks

Asset procurement risks are real and can cost your organisation! Conservative estimates that procurement errors (purchasing the wrong product, purchasing the product for a higher price) and a [...]

Asset Control in Hospitals

Asset control in hospitals with enormous numbers of tools and equipment is essential to run a hospital effectively and it is the clinical engineering department’s role to ensure that hospital [...]

Hotel Assets and Maintenance

Hotel assets and maintenance management; Hardcat have been providing leading hotels, resorts and other hospitality industry customers with hotel asset management and tracking tools for over 30 [...]

Document Tracking

Sensitive documents and sample tracking needs to have strict measures to control business information. The challenge is not only finding a robust tracking solution, that is easy to use and [...]

Integrated Asset Management

Hardcat’s suite of products can be integrated into any environment with our API development tool, which builds interfaces that communicate with Hardcat and allow users to perform Hardcat [...]

Advanced Tool Management

If you could scrutinize the cost of your yearly tooling expenses, you might be surprised at what you are really spending. Typically your tooling assets – perishable, durable, fixturing, dies, [...]

Asset Tracking with RFID

Asset Tracking with RFID tags drives efficiencies in both tracking and auditing of assets and equipment. Regularly auditing your assets will assist in keeping your asset register up-to-date; for [...]

HardcatWeb Self-Audit Assets

HardcatWeb features self-audit, allowing users to audit their own assets conveniently via the HardcatWeb interface. More HardcatWeb videos More – web-based asset management How can we help [...]

HardcatWeb Geo-mapping

HardcatWeb is your gateway to efficiencies HardcatWeb does not replace your current Hardcat system, it compliments it and allows you to disseminate Hardcat data to remote locations with complete [...]