RFID tagging reduces audit time by over 90%

RFID tagging – audits not requiring line of sight to be registered

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a means for tracking items by way of RFID tags which store information electronically. There are two types of RFID tags, passive and active. RFID tags do not require line of sight and can create huge reductions in time for tracking as well as auditing processes. High-value items that may get lost or misplaced are ideal candidates for asset tracking with RFID tags.

Several reasons why RFID technology is now viable

  • Tags are cheaper to purchase
  • Readers are more powerful with a longer read range
  • Tags are not as sensitive with respect to materials they are placed on
  • Readers are cheaper to purchase

There are two types of RFID tags, passive (no battery) and active (battery-powered). The major benefit of using RFID tags is that they do not require line of sight to be registered. Hardcat caters for the reading of these tags via fixed readers (doorways/chokepoints) as well as via handheld units.

Buying RFID tags and readers

To remove the complexity of implementing an RFID solution, our RFID implementation engineers and subject matter experts are happy to consult with you to understand your complete requirements and then suggest a range of tagging devices and readers designed to meet your specific objectives and your budget.  

Two programs for hand-held RFID readers

  • Popcorn Audit  – the ability to perform thorough rapid audits
  • Search and Find – the ability to use the PDA like a Geiger counter when searching for certain assets. The closer you get to the asset the louder the clicking becomes.

Enabling RFID technology will bring greater efficiency to your processes and knowing everything about the location, type, and quality of your assets brings immediate cost savings and better control.

Auditing RFID tags on your mobile device

Hardcat MiCatX Audit with RFID tagging

The Hardcat MiCatX application allows you to keep track of all your assets via auditing and performs maintenance and help desk activities. The MiCat app is designed for use with Hardcat software (version 6) and Lebosi. The app is free to download for iOS and Android device stores.

MiCatX will complete an audit in a fraction of the time that would be required using manual, visual ID and/or barcode scanning.

  • Where is the asset, who has it, what condition is it in
  • Perform ad-hoc asset audits and “self-audit”
  • Perform an issue or return of an asset
  • Create new assets
  • Create maintenance and help desk activities against an asset
  • Assign the maintenance task to an engineer
  • Capture photographs illustrating the level of damage
  • Deliver the right data at the right time
  • Personalise to your business process
  • Integrate to disseminate data to the entire enterprise

Reduce audit time by 90% using RFID tagging

Parachute audit with Hardcat RFID tagging technology

Parachute audit with Hardcat RFID tagging technology

In a pilot site for a Defence sector client, an audit of parachutes that takes place annually, normally took three months to complete. With the Hardcat RFID solution, the same audit was performed in two hours reducing inventory count time by over 90%! (name withheld for security reasons). 

The types of organisations using RFID in their environments vary. From moving assets management, laboratory sample and document tracking to operational safety equipment control.

Examples of Hardcat software solutions and RFID technology is used in real-world Hardcat applications

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