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RFID applications are advantageous across a broad range of industries. Technology provides new and exciting opportunities for increasing organisational, financial, and operational performance. With its focus on organisational efficiency and effectiveness, RFID asset tracking technology is superior to barcodes in its ability to provide source automation features that increase the speed and volume of data collection for analysis.

Except for the initial cost of installing an RFID application (RFID tags and readers), there is a very low cost involved in maintaining your RFID infrastructure. The requirements for using RFID will vary depending on your business situation. How precise must location data be? Do you need to incorporate barcoded assets into your asset register as well? Start small and generate a proof-of-concept that can be expanded to more complex workflows.

Start with one challenge in your organisation or start with tracking high-value portable asset classes/types that may deliver the greatest ROI on your efforts. Focusing on the efficiencies and cost savings goals will drive the success of your RFID project and improve your processes. A targeted pilot program will successfully prove the solution and often yields changes to project scope to achieve greater value from RFID technology.

With RFID it is not a matter of one size fits all. The tags and readers that you use will depend upon the environment, asset types and the outcomes you require. Hardcat has sourced the very best in RFID tags and readers so we can supply you with everything you need to start your RFID tracking solution.

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