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Mobility for Assets, Audits, Maintenance, Help Desk, Stock/Inventory, and Issue/Return

  • Stock management for the creation, capturing images, auditing, and adjustment of stock items. Stock transfers enable stock transfer between locations/people/cost centres/assets/work orders and problems.
  • Track loaned or borrowed assets in the field; whether employees borrow or return an asset, re-locate it, or need to send it to repair or document any damage, the MiCatX smartphone app is a perfect tool to perform this task.
  • Data access and data collection in the field; employees can scan a QR code or barcode on the equipment with their smartphone to get immediate access to all required information whilst away from their desk.
  • Asset audits in the field; by using a smartphone, employees can scan in assets in the audit location or their possession and submit data to the server, to update the Hardcat database.
  • Equipment maintenance, service, and inspections in the field using MiCatX App with accurate searchable digital records of all maintenance, service, and inspections can be searched by multiple parameters to easily find the required information.
  • Maintenance tasks can be configured to automatically generate Work Orders on your phone and/or tablet. This ensures that all assets are inspected and maintained regularly to comply with ISO 55000 and 55001 Asset Management Standard.
  • Work Orders can be accessed by your maintenance teams through HardcatWeb and on phones and tablets using the MiCatX mobile app. Maintenance teams record results, actions taken and additional notes by completing checklists. The digitised checklists provide critical time and cost-saving benefits for the organisation.

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