Our smartphone and tablet application referred to as MiCatX allows asset, issue and return, maintenance, stock and help desk functions to be performed anywhere anytime.

Mobile users can complete inspections, view detailed asset history, and easily track parts and labour in real-time. MiCatX enables simple, fast, and reliable communication between the office and field. Work performed is reflected back to the Hardcat database immediately with no manual upload/download of data. The offline mode in a non-connected state, stores data locally on the device and allows MiCat access in areas with limited or no Internet/Wi-Fi.

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In 2020 MiCat combined with CatScan to create the powerful app MiCatX.

MiCatX allows for deployment to a wider number of users due to its ease of implementation and use. MiCatX is free and ready for you to download from iOS and Android App stores.

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