Who doesn’t want to know exactly where their assets are?

HardcatWeb’s geo-mapping geolocation feature integrates with public and private Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Enabling smarter asset interactions and decision making by taking account of an asset’s location, displayed on a map, or on a floor plan. Geo-mapping assets allow you to monitor and manage via maps your valuable assets by recording GPS data against assets and equipment, people, work orders and service desk/help desk requests/tickets.

The HardcatWeb solution doesn’t replace your current Hardcat system, it compliments it and allows you to disseminate Hardcat data to remote locations with complete security. It simply sits on top of your current system enabling you to extend the Hardcat solution throughout your organisation, without exposing the full functionality of the traditional Hardcat client/server Windows application. Administrators can tailor access levels to suit user requirements, security level and capabilities, receiving alerts about the status of assets, inventory and procurement.

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