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Armed forces and security solutions for Air/Land/Sea defence services – in your industry, there is no room for error. You need to provide a high level of service and safety to the community and be more diligent than ever in the tracking and accountability of firearms and equipment.

  • Mission Systems (onboard weapon systems) as well as Sustainment Maintenance Systems, Hardcat controls well in excess of 55,000 assets, produces hundreds of work orders daily. Using hand-held PDAs Engineers visit each compartment on-board and see what work orders are required to be undertaken and update completed actions on the PDAs.
  • In the armoury, Hardcat caters for rapid issue and return of weapons and associated equipment using barcode/RFID technology.  The time to issue and return firearms and associated equipment are reduced from 2 minutes to 1.5 seconds per item.
  • Hardcat tracks Tanks, Armoured Cars, APC’s, Land Rovers and other vehicles in and out of operational theatres, physically auditing every asset at least every 90 days.

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