Geo-mapping with Hardcat

Who doesn’t want to know exactly where their assets are? HardcatWeb’s geo-mapping geolocation feature integrates with public and private Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Enabling [...]

Asset procurement risks

Asset procurement risks are real and can cost your organisation! Conservative estimates that procurement errors (purchasing the wrong product, purchasing the product for a higher price) and a [...]

Asset control for Hospitals

Asset control in hospitals with enormous numbers of tools and equipment is essential to run a hospital effectively and it is the clinical engineering department’s role to ensure that hospital [...]

Hotel assets and maintenance

Hotel assets and maintenance management; Hardcat have been providing leading hotels, resorts and other hospitality industry customers with hotel asset management and tracking tools for over 30 [...]

Document tracking

Organisations need to take strict measures to control their business information and the challenge is not only finding a robust tracking solution that is easy to use and identifies poor [...]

Integrated asset management

Integrated Asset Management An integrated asset management system for a mobile approach to fixed asset management means you can expand your single source of truth around your assets and [...]

Advanced tool management

Advanced tool management, utilisation and lifecycle management reduces the impact on productivity arising out of tool losses, missed calibration and maintenance events and discourages possible [...]

HardcatWeb Self-Audit Assets

HardcatWeb featuring self-audit allowing users to audit their own assets conveniently via the HardcatWeb interface. More HardcatWeb videos Web-based asset management information here How can we [...]

HardcatWeb Geo-mapping

HardcatWeb is your gateway to efficiencies HardcatWeb does not replace your current Hardcat system, it compliments it and allows you to disseminate Hardcat data to remote locations with complete [...]