7th Annual Police Technology Forum 2019

7th Annual Police Technology Forum and Hardcat

The Police Technology Forum is in its 7th year and is an annual event in Australia. This premier law enforcement technology and networking event showcase the latest capabilities that are being trialled and developed to enable our police forces to become more effective and efficient in the face of increasingly sophisticated organised crime.

The Forum will take place on the 27-28 March, 2019 at the Hyatt Canberra.  Now in its 7th year, the forum is the annual platform for discussion on the developments in technology and innovation that is shaping law enforcement in Australia and abroad.

This forum will gather industry representatives ranging from government officials, senior law enforcement members, academics and technology providers to discuss emerging trends and latest capabilities that enable our police forces to become better equipped to tackle increasingly sophisticated levels of crime.

Keep assets in the right hands, at the right time

Maintain accountability for a wide range of firearms and equipment, so that you can be certain at all times about who has what and where, with a complete audit trail of all movements and history of transfer of custodianship. Not only can you track your firearms, tools, and equipment, but you can ensure they are safe and maintained to meet your compliance requirements.

Prove the integrity of property and evidence

More effectively manage the investigative and forensic process by securing, tracking and maintaining the integrity of all digital and physical property and evidence with detailed audit trails, from capture or seizure through to disposal. Live-tracking means complete visibility at every stage and that the chain of custody is fully transparent.

Increase operational efficiency

RFID or barcode technologies provide an automated approach to managing and tracking any type of equipment, property or evidence, eliminating the need for cumbersome and disconnected spreadsheets and manual form reporting. Save valuable time, and ensure all critical equipment is compliant, locatable and in the best possible working order.

Hardcat stand at the 7th annual Police technology forum 2019

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