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Managing Law Enforcement Critical Operational Equipment

We understand that there are safety considerations and compliances that need to be taken into consideration when working in Law Enforcement – the safety of public and Police members is paramount. Operational equipment used by members must be regularly maintained/calibrated and responsibly issued to members on a day to day basis and tracked.

The Hardcat Lebosi critical operational equipment tracking solution will provide you with everything you need all in one solution. Track, manage, maintain and analyse what’s going on across your entire organisation.

Managing Critical Operational Equipment with Hardcat Lebosi - Law Enforcement
Managing Critical Operational Equipment with Hardcat Lebosi – Law Enforcement

Hardcat Lebosi – critical operational equipment tracking solution

The Hardcat Lebosi – Law Enforcement software solution will provide you with everything you need:

1. Enterprise register and visibility of operational equipment:

  • Equipment status across all stations and organisational units managed in a single enterprise software solution 

2. Tracking daily use:

  • Tracking daily use of operational equipment, electronic issue and return (check-out/check-in) process
  • Real-time accountability and visibility of equipment usage 
  • Powerful exception-based reporting
  • Email/dashboard notifications of equipment overdue

3. Officer safety – Police OSTT qualifications and impairments checks:

  • Real-time qualification and impairment checks to ensure the issue of equipment (ie: firearms) to qualified members 
  • Register of all violations of policies and limits

4. System generated station end of shift exception reports:

  • No need for a time-consuming end of shift audit – managing through exceptions of overdue or missing items

5. Bi-annual firearm audits:

  • Bi-annual firearm audits at every site through system generated audit jobs
  • Speedy audits of firearms by every station within a designated time to ensure compliances are met and exceptions identified immediately
  • Flexible audit jobs at the site, region, district or state level

6. Firearms rotation process management: 

  • A planned approach to the rotation of firearms at each site
  • Managing rotation dates around individual firearms to avoid over or under servicing – increased ROI

7. Safety of operational equipment:

  • Managing safety and reliability of equipment through planned maintenance and calibrations (i.e.: firearms, speed detection devices, breath testing devices)

8. Restrictions and control:

  • Control specialist equipment by authorised and owning organisational units – to ensure control and on-going management of sensitive equipment to meet legislative requirements (i.e.: ITAR).

9. The simplicity:

  • The simplicity of the role-based user interface and efficiencies for front line officers and organisational management – ensuring role-based functions are presented to users for ease.

10. Industry-standard technologies:

  • Tried and tested technologies
  • Role-based security 
  • Integration with Active Directory
  • Web-based browser
  • Mobility applications – iOS or Android
  • No end-client software installations needed

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Managing Critical Operational Safety Equipment

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