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Mobility For Assets, Stock And Maintenance Management

Mobile devices will assist you in controlling business assets. But while mobility for asset management is nothing new, a recent development is the use of regular smartphones and tablets with an asset management mobile application installed.

This new development makes mobile asset management and asset tracking systems affordable for businesses of all sizes. And as business users are granted high-level access from personal mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are effectively replacing desktops for many business tasks.

Almost three quarters (72.6 per cent) of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.

72 percent of people will use only mobile for internet by 2025

Using Mobile Devices To Track Assets Is Appealing

Implementing a mobile asset tracking solution can be seen as a win-win acquisition for not only better management of assets but for increased employee efficiency, too. In today’s workplace, it is hard to find a staff member without a smartphone, and this familiarity means better adoption. This is great news for business owners looking to implement mobile asset tracking.

Why? Well, firstly, employees can use existing devices, whether that be their own or ones provided to them by the company. Secondly, the familiarity of mobiles among employees means that the need for training is minimal. And, the need to buy specific handheld tracking devices for each employee is non-existent. All together resulting in fewer expenditures.

EAM mobile work orders Hardcat MiCat

Hardcat Work Orders and EAM Integration

Users of major EAM systems still cannot get maintenance work orders on their mobile devices.  Not having mobile access to service data when you are “out in the field” is like leaving your toolbox at home!

But, for it to work, a mobile asset tracking system would need to operate alongside a specific tracking technology. And there are various technologies to choose from including Barcodes and QR codes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Bluetooth. Although, choosing the right technology for your business depends on your tracking needs.

Hardcat MiCatX Scanning

Not all companies that have assets need mobile asset management. In some situations, you can do perfectly well by using desktop computers to keep track of your assets. There are situations, however, where the ability to track assets using mobile devices is absolutely essential and will significantly increase your business operations efficiency.

Business Scenarios For Mobile Asset Management

Here are some business scenarios where mobility makes the most sense and provides significant benefits:

Tracking loaned or borrowed assets in the field

Whether employees borrow or return an asset, re-locate it, or need to send it to repair or document the damage. The smartphone is a perfect tool to perform this task.

Data access and data collection in the field

Employees can scan a QR code or barcode on the equipment with their smartphone to get immediate access to all required information.

Asset audits in the field

By using a smartphone, employees can scan in assets in the audit location or in their possession and submit data to the server, to update the Hardcat database.

Equipment maintenance, service and inspections in the field

Accurate searchable digital records of all maintenance, service and inspections, can be searched by multiple parameters to easily find the required information.

Stock management and transfers

Stock management for the creation, capturing images, auditing, and adjustment of stock items. While stock transfer enables the transfer of stock between locations/people/cost centres/assets/work orders and problems.

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Access Data; Create, Edit And Update In The Field 

A key feature of mobile asset tracking is the accessibility of real-time and accurate data from your asset register. Employees can have instant access to key data from anywhere, at any time; principally important for field staff. This means teams and individuals from multiple locations can have access to asset information, maintenance schedules, work orders, and asset auditing.

Hardcat Connectivity Diagram 2020
Hardcat Connectivity Diagram 2020

Access To Data With Limited Internet Connection

As with all electronic devices, there are issues that can aggravate productivity. Most notably, mobile signal. If field staff are working in an area with limited or no internet, how can they access the data? Mobile users should be able to complete inspections, view detailed asset history, and easily track parts and labour in real-time or via offline mode.

This is where a mobile solution that stores data locally on your device, allowing access in a ‘non-connected state’ comes in handy. And when the internet connection is available, update immediately your asset register, with no manual upload/download of data.

Simple, Fast, Reliable Communication

The Hardcat smartphone and tablet application originally referred to as MiCat, in 2020 combined with CatScan to create the powerful app MiCatX.

The Hardcat MiCatX smartphone and tablet application allow for mobility in assets, data collection, asset audits, maintenance and help desk functions. Mobile users can perform anywhere anytime inspections, view detailed asset history and easily track parts and labour in real-time.

Simple, fast, and reliable communication between the office and field. MiCatX work performed is updated immediately in the Hardcat database when you are connected. But when there is no internet connection available, you can choose to work offline. Data can be synced manually or on a schedule, which is configurable.

MiCatX App On App Store And Google Play

Hardcat MiCatX App Store
Hardcat MiCatX App is available for iOS and Android devices

Hardcat MiCatX allows for deployment to a wider number of users due to its ease of implementation and use. The new MiCatX application is free and ready for you to download from iOS and Android app stores.

Hardcat MiCatX App Capabilities

  • Work online or offline; work in a live connected mode (changes made directly update the Hardcat database) or offline and sync manually or on a schedule (which is configurable)
  • Each staff member has access to assets they are responsible for managing
  • Create new assets and edit existing assets
  • Create new and edit existing work orders
  • Scan barcode to locate individual assets and work orders
  • Configurable colour coordinated asset lists to highlight asset status and condition
  • Unique login for each user with configurable data access permissions
  • Data is instantly synced back to your Hardcat asset register database
  • Conduct ad-hoc asset audits, anywhere, anytime
  • Access to attached asset files; view photos, service manuals
  • Fully integrated with the smartphone camera allows for capture of photos
  • Cost effective concurrent user licenses
  • MiCatX allows deployment to a wider number of users due to its ease of implementation and use
  • Connects to your existing Hardcat database over an IP connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G)
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Mobile Asset Management Drives Efficiencies

Drive efficiencies in asset tagging, tracking and auditing by utilising cutting edge identification and mobile asset tracking technologies, to build a digital management solution that ensures all data is current and accurate.

Hardcat provides complete mobility and accessibility, so you can empower your workforce to rapidly and accurately capture data, complete inspections and work orders, view reports and undertake audits, wherever they are.

The latest release of MiCatX now incorporates the Stock Module. The Stock functionality has now been brought into MiCatX to further increase its viability as a replacement for CatScan. Take a look at the latest release of Hardcat V6 and MiCatX.

HardcatWeb partnered with the MiCatX app is your gateway to efficiencies whilst users are working remotely. It is the easiest and fastest way to remotely consume your Hardcat database.

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