Emergency Services

Mission critical equipment tracking and maintenance

The emergency Services sector comes with an enormous amount of accountability, responsibility and risk. In your world, there’s a lot riding on every decision and action and you need to provide a high level of service and safety.

You are in the job of saving lives and when it comes to emergency services equipment tracking and management, certainty is paramount. Not just with your crew, who rely on having the right equipment in good condition, but also with those they serve who are depending on it.

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Hardcat Lebosi Enterprise Asset Management


Keep assets in the right hands at the right time

Be certain about who has your tools and equipment and where they are at all times. Not only can you track your emergency equipment but you can ensure they are safe and maintained to meet your compliance requirements.

Chain of custody

Demonstrate system integrity

Track and maintain your assets from purchase to disposal with detailed audit trails and complete visibility at every stage. Live-tracking means your chain of custody is fully transparent.


Increased operational efficiency

Mitigate the risk of unexpected breakdowns with complete visibility over equipment performance and maintenance. Save valuable time, and ensure all critical equipment is compliant, locatable and in the best possible working order.

What our clients say

“You guys are great to work with. I can see why you are so successful.”

South Metro Fire Department, USA

Complete emergency services asset management solution


Better automation and integration

Automate workflows and route of jobs to appropriate service providers and integrate with a range of systems including command, dispatch and more.

Full visibility

Safety and inspection compliance

Set maintenance or inspection routines on critical equipment with automated work order distribution. Improve governance, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance with a full repair and maintenance history recorded.


Audits of assets and inventory

Manage the issue and return of all equipment and inventory. Our solutions reduce the time and increase the accuracy of emergency asset management, meaning you can accurately audit and track your equipment using RFID or other cutting edge tagging and tracking technologies.

Some of our emergency services clients

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