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Equipment tracking for military and security sectors

In your industry, there is no room for error. You need to have knowledge and control of your assets, equipment and evidence, no matter what. You need to provide a high level of service and safety to the community and be more diligent than ever in the tracking and accountability of sensitive material, armoury, operational equipment and evidence. A lot is riding on every decision and action, and there’s a lot to lose.

Certainty matters, which is why Hardcat has been chosen by military and security organisations and law enforcement in the most critical environments in the world.

Our global solutions have been proven in theatres of war, and have met every challenge and maintained integrity throughout.


Keep assets in the right hands at the right time

Maintain accountability for a wide range of armoury items, equipment and stores, so that you can be certain at all times about who has what and where, with a complete audit trail of all movements and transfer of custody history. Not only can you track your firearms and equipment, but you can ensure they are safe and maintained to meet your compliance requirements.


Increase operational efficiency

RFID or barcode technologies provide an automated approach to managing and tracking any type of equipment, property or evidence, eliminating the need for cumbersome and disconnected spreadsheets and manual form reporting. Save valuable time, and ensure all critical equipment is compliant, locatable and in the best possible working order.

Chain of custody

Prove your integrity

Track and maintain your assets from purchase to retirement with detailed audit trails and complete visibility at every stage. Live-tracking means your chain of custody is fully transparent.

What our clients say

“When you use a system in a theatre of war, it has to be 100% solid. This was our major consideration in choosing Hardcat.”

Major Greenslade, Ministry of Defence UK

Complete defence and security asset management solution


Armoury and asset control

Manage the issue and return of all armoury and equipment. Our solutions reduce the time and increase the accuracy of armoury asset management, meaning you can accurately audit and track your armoury using RFID or other cutting edge tagging and tracking technologies.

Full visibility

Property and evidence management

We have developed customised solutions for the management of property and evidence, designed to provide unprecedented governance over the full life-cycle providence from capture to disposal. Our solution provides for the easy capture and audit of property and evidence in a single central storage solution.

Workflows white

Better automation and integration

Defence Asset Tracking improves the complete lifecycle management of assets, events, incidents and exhibits. Reducing backlogs with automated workflows and routing of jobs to appropriate service providers and integrate with a range of systems including command, dispatch, LIMS, ERP, warehouse and more. Allow whole of government outcomes by integrating and sharing data across departments.

Some of our defence and security clients and accreditations

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We’re proud to be trusted by over 2,000 organisations in over 120 countries for the integrity and reliability of our asset tracking solution. How can we help you?