Help Desk Module Simplifies Your Service Desk

Help Desk And Service Desk Integration

A key help desk software system benefit is the ability to escalate problems and calculate the downtime for performance statistics on assets, asset types and suppliers. By registering and maintaining up-to-date records on all hardware and software problems, operators can immediately identify assets under warranty, maintenance support details and the performance history of each asset. A variety of tools allow problem diagnosis (and possible user correction) prior to sending a technician out on-site.

Change management requests can be accurately tracked with a complete audit trail, permitting you to track all IT problem calls and actions taken along with costs, providing you with an effective means to immediately respond to help desk inquiries and satisfy your internal constituencies.

Help desk software supports you when problems arrive. Normally those are of a technical nature such as needing someone to troubleshoot the Laptop or help get access to new business systems. Every day organisations rely on help desk software to log and solve user/customer issues.

Help desk software enables customer-care/service desk operators to keep track of customers or internal staff requests from initial call receipt all the way to resolution.

Enterprise service desk for reactive and scheduled jobs allow you to set up your own knowledge base and FAQs for faster resolution. Control over reactive maintenance and job requests to:

  • Log and manage any unplanned events
  • Schedule job request to appropriate resources or suppliers
  • Keep track of progress and status of faults and repairs
  • Manage overdue critical incidents and faults
  • Increase up time of asset availability
  • Keep appropriate records for historical reporting and total cost of ownership


Basic Functions For Help Desk and Service Desk


  1. Automatic email notification
  2. Escalations
  3. Bulk operations
  4. Domain control views – problems by engineer
  5. Service desk mobility (web interface, PDA, smartphone)
  6. Knowledgebase
  7. Auto-discovery
  8. External applications
  9. Graphical charts
  10. Report Generator


Help Desk Streamlines The Customer Service Experience


Customer history

With all customer information in one place, you can look at previous communications with your help desk, and understand them better.

Shared features

Customers’ questions are almost never limited to one department, a help desk system can benefit your team so they can work on queries a lot faster and without the loss of vital information.

Other factors to consider

  • Scalability – can you add more features, and additional operators, and support more tickets/queries as your business grows?
  • Ease of use– can it be used by anyone – with or without technical skills?
  • Integration– can it integrate with your asset management system?
  • Mobile support– does it have a mobile version so you can manage support even on the go?
  • Central location for information – does it have a knowledge base and FAQs?


Help Desk Module Benefits Your Business


Resolve help desk and service desk queries with more accuracy, directing technical questions to the IT professional or an in-house expert for an accurate response.

No queries are missed as operators set alerts to notify them about the day’s “to-do” list. Managers can also set rules to auto-convert customer emails to tickets and channel them through ticket management.

Build a knowledgebase so repetitive customer queries can be organised into a FAQs knowledge base.

Resolve tickets/help desk queries consistently. FAQs and unique issues can be recorded and best practices are logged as a reference for future incidents in your own knowledge base. Similar queries when received are actioned quickly and consistently.


What Can Hardcat Do?


The Hardcat help desk and service centre modules allow a single integrated solution for either small to medium enterprises or large enterprises to manage service jobs. From fault logging, reporting and resolution, change management and technical knowledge base to tracking all IT problems and actions taken along with costs such as spare parts, hours and resources used.


Hardcat help desk software module main screen

Hardcat SME help desk main screen

Avoid duplication

Integrated into the Hardcat core asset database, the help desk software records and organises customer/user complaints into tickets or queries and tracks their progress from receipt to resolution, showing the status and who’s handling it to avoid duplicating the response.

Automatic escalation

Hardcat help desk software offers an escalation feature where operators can route difficult tickets to higher-up authorities. Allowing for multi-level submission where supervisors get to resolve issues within their authority instead of escalating the query further up. This makes the resolution faster and prevents annoying busy managers.

Individual dashboards

The Hardcat dashboard assists operators by displaying the most important help desk data upon logging in. This can include pending, urgent and new tickets/queries, and incoming calls/emails.


Hardcat help desk software module options screen

Hardcat SME help desk options screen

Help Desk For A Single Integrated Solution


  • IT service management fault logging, reporting and resolution
  • Change management
  • Offers self-service fault logging
  • Retained technical knowledgebase and FAQs
  • Reduce help desk operators with self-resolution via knowledgebase
  • Reduce the impact of key help desk staff turnover
  • Stop wastage by maintaining assets under warranty or with no value
  • Offers a framework to increase the average resolution time
  • Highlight assets requiring maintenance that are still under warranty
  • Cost analysis of incidents and resolutions
  • Monitor key help desk metrics with dynamic reports

Hardcat MiCatX Help Desk and Incidents App


The MiCatX app problem list can be filtered by All or Mine or just those assigned to you or a specific location. Once a field technician completes and closes a work order, it is automatically removed from the technician’s list and updated in the Hardcat database.

Hardcat help desk module and the MiCatX app enable anywhere, anytime customer-care/service desk operations. Keep track of customers or internal staff requests from initial call receipt all the way to resolution.

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