Hardcat Lebosi – Enterprise solutions find a global audience

Hardcat® Lebosi® Asset management is a cost-saving mechanism for organisations

Hardcat’s latest offering Hardcat Lebosi is an enterprise offering designed for enterprise-scale implementations. Hardcat Lebosi is 100 per cent web-based, with options for in-house or on-premise hosting.

The Hardcat Lebosi enterprise asset management software platform capabilities are regularly expanded, with RFID and RFID fixed reader gateways as well as mobility, CCTV, IoT and facial recognition among current innovations in development.

The enterprise asset management software front-end is entirely HTML 5, hence can be deployed equally to desktop workstations, tablets, and mobile devices.

Given these specialist and unique capabilities, Hardcat’s solutions are finding an audience among top global organisations, with the World Trade Organisation in Geneva and German retail group REWE among recent acquirers of its products.

‘‘The larger organisations are coming to the realisation that individual asset item tracking is not a capability of the typical ERP,’’ Drum says.

Hardcat is also finding a big market opening up among police and defence forces in Australia and overseas. Hardcat’s latest product is its enterprise all-of-police solution, Hardcat Lebosi, which combines both asset management and property and evidence functions.

Lebosi Platform - Hardcat’s solutions finds a global audience
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NSW Police use Hardcat’s forensic evidence solution, EFIMS, across its enterprise, with all police registering property and evidence associated with criminal investigations. The Auditor-General, Peter Acherstraat, gave EFIMS a glowing report stating that EFIMS was a crucial component of the NSW Police Force. Read more on page 15

Hardcat has been working with various police stations and specialist divisions of Victoria Police for 30 years and the force still uses the firm.

There is currently a project underway with plans to roll out an enterprise version of Hardcat Lebosi that every station and specialist unit will be able to use to track equipment that requires high visibility and accountability.

Hardcat also has several pilot projects with various police forces around the world, including with the AFP. ‘‘We are finding police forces very interested in what we have. The key reason is the quality of our asset data capture, auditing, and our issue and return processes. The efficiencies we deliver enhance member safety and result in more time on productive operational duties,’’ Drum says.

Hardcat’s solutions find global audience – Financial Review eEdition

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