Hardcat V6.20 New Release – MiCatX Stock

Hardcat V6.20 new product features for Hardcat | HardcatWeb | MiCatX

Hardcat Core – New Features

  • Hardcat report logos
  • Ability to add thumbnail images to fixed reports
  • Running depreciation calculations from the command line
  • Creating alerts for when records are deleted
  • Ability to add maintenance rates for engineers
  • Stock type enhancements
  • Improvements to how Hardcat handles saved searching
  • Some minor fixes to report layouts
  • Added a files section to the problem individual details report
  • Exporting and custom reporting to purchase orders table
  • List of products as a start at option for logins

HardcatWeb – New Features

  • HardcatWeb user interface design
  • Added support for approver on asset move
  • Improved setting images for assets, problems, stock and work orders
  • Updated HardcatWeb to reflect new stock type option from desktop

MiCatX App – Stock

  • MiCatX disconnected transfer mode
  • MiCatX stock management and transfers
  • Many UX updates
  • Improved barcode recognition libraries
  • General bug fixes

Hardcat What’s New PDF

Note: Hardcat version 6.20 is free to SMA clients

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