Hardcat V6.10 – New Release Features

Hardcat version 6.10 enhancements

Hardcat version 6.10 is a new release with new functionality to boost your competitive edge. Listed below are just some of the enhancements, for more information please view the PDF below.

New database support

  • Hardcat V6.10 has added SQL Server 2019 to its list of supported database platforms


  • Enhancements to security

Hardcat has conducted a security audit on HardcatWeb and found several issues where we have enhanced security further towards industry best practices. Please note however that no vulnerabilities were found which would compromise your data.

  • Improved preset handling

Ability to filter by preset class. Users can now select a preset class in the search grid to further filter the results with the ability to also search via a preset question.

  • Improved ability to search through folder trees

You now have access to an improved way of selecting items when creating new records. An example of where this feature could be used is if you have a number of locations with similar names in a number of folder trees but need to find the correct one. This feature makes it easier to locate the required record by showing the folder path to that entity.

Hardcat database

  • The ability for users to specify their own default search page

Every user now has the ability to specify what search they want to have as their own default page. After saving a new search specification in Hardcat you have the option to keep as your default search grid which will always load up first.

  • Enhancements to how data is stored in the database

We have made improvements to the general handling of file and more text operations when exporting, saving and retrieving. Providing improved performance for future administration tasks.

  • Ability to log and report on workgroup reconfiguration

Hardcat now has the ability to log all changes to workgroup configurations and produce reports on these changes.

Stock module

  • Ability to easily report on stock movements

Stock item movement is no longer separated into an issue from and issue to a transaction. It is now a single record in the stock movements area that contains searchable information on source and destination. This area also covers conversions of stock into assets.

  • New stock movement (detail) fixed report

Additional stock movement report which differentiates between stock movements and stock conversions to assets.

NEW MiCatX app

  • Introducing new MiCatX with mass RFID audit capability
  • No need for expensive PDA device purchases
  • Increases adoption of asset management culture throughout the organisation
  • Real-time monitoring of asset usage to automatically trigger further actions such as maintenance tasks
  • Sort assets, work orders and problems
  • Filter assets list by location and assigned person
  • Filter work order and problem list by location, engineer, status and priority
  • Switch back to online mode when a connection is available and changes made will be synchronised with Hardcat database
  • Audit by barcode, location, person or cost centre
  • In-line bar-code scanning capability
  • Pin items when capturing assets in bulk
  • Use of the maintenance and help desk modules

Note: Hardcat version 6.10 is free to SMA clients

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