Hardcat version 5.50 – boasting a host of new features

Hardcat version 5.50 through to version 5.60 has some very major enhancements including a significant improvement in the speed of upgrading while the end-of-year roll-over functionality has also been greatly enhanced.

Another major enhancement is the ability to create custom presets with a specified asset type and you can now accept your choice of data type whether it be Date, Numeric, Currency, GPS, URL or Text. This gives the user a huge amount of flexibility, power and reporting capability.

This gives the customer the power to create any type of controls that they require.

What you may have missed in version 5.50

  • Restrict Products with People Roles (High-value items)
  • Data Types and URL Link in Presets
  • Hardcat Icon Colour Change
  • Grid field Selections tied to Saved Searches
  • Oracle 12 and Microsoft SQL 2016 Support

What you may have missed in version 5.60

  • Quick search field restricts the functionality
  • Last Audit details displayed in Assets record
  • Hardcat Web Save Search functionality
  • Ability to add or remove fields that appear in HardcatWeb list
  • Ability to Create Entities via HardcatWeb
  • Depreciation Set List Search
  • New RFID Device Support
  • Support for Microsoft SQL 2017

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