Hardcat V7 New Release

Hardcat V7 (now VX) New Software Release Features


Hardcat MiCatX – New Features

  • Issue and Return – The ability to perform Issue and Return of Stock and Assets to various entities in Online and Offline Mode.
  • Stock Module – The addition of Stock Module functionality into the MiCatX application. This module can be controlled per user under the Web/MicatX Options for User tab on the Hardcat desktop.
  • Parent-Child Associations – MiCatX now has included parent-child Asset functionality which has the ability to link a particular Asset to its Parent or add children Assets to the Asset that is open.

Purchase Order Maintenance Dates

  • Addition of new functionality that lets you enter the ‘From’ and ‘To’ Maintenance Dates into Line Items when creating a Purchase Order. These dates will then be passed on to the Asset once the Purchase Order has been delivered.

History Grid Enhancements

  • User Interface Changes to the grid display and available fields to make the History records easier to read.
  • Backend Improvements on the performance of History areas.

Select Multiple Records in Grid

  • Enhancement to the grid that allows users to perform operations on multiple records at a time.

Advance Notice for Maintenance Tasks

  • Added the ability to set an advance notice period for Work Orders.
  • The new controls allow you to set a number of periods ahead (eg. days, weeks, months or years) that a Work Order can be created for an Asset prior to the actual next due service date for that Asset.

Enhanced Login Page for Windows Authentication

  • HardcatWeb now has a new landing page for when Windows Authentication is enabled for single sign-on use.

Important Notification For Existing Clients in 2023


Hardcat Version VX has advanced a long way since 2015 when the last version of V4 was released. Please find some of the advancements below that you would have received if you had upgraded past Hardcat V4:

  • Unicode Support
  • Global Presets rolled out across all entities
  • Typed Presets introduced and rolled out across all entities
  • PDF Printer replaced with the new solution
  • MiCatX replaced MiCat and CatScan
  • Saved searches and unified searching between HardcatWeb and Desktop
  • Pictures in reports
  • Logos in reports
  • Label set resources to custom label fields
  • License updates can be run without having to kick users out of the system
  • Migrate and HDS files larger than 2GB will checksum
  • Relevant recipient notifications
  • Escalator to do WO advance scheduling, Scheduled purchasing, Scheduled Dep Calcs.

Along with a whole lot more.

Hardcat version 4 will no longer be supported as of 1st January 2023. This will mean that should you require any support on this older version you will be asked to upgrade to look at any issues related to the Hardcat Software. If you are up to date with Hardcat SMA you are entitled to an upgrade of the Hardcat software each year, so we suggest you make the most of all the benefits Hardcat can bring with adopting these new features in your organisation today.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your account manager or the Hardcat support team.


Hardcat What’s New V7 (VX) – View/Download PDF

Note: Hardcat VX is free to SMA clients

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