Hardcat V7 New Release

Hardcat V7 New Software Release Features 

Hardcat MiCatX – New Features

  • Issue and Return – The ability to perform Issue and Return of Stock and Assets to various entities in Online and Offline Mode. 
  • Stock Module – The addition of Stock Module functionality into the MiCatX application. This module can be controlled per user under the Web/MicatX Options for User tab on the Hardcat desktop. 
  • Parent-Child Associations – MiCatX now has included parent-child Asset functionality which has the ability to link a particular Asset to its Parent or add children Assets to the Asset that is open.

Purchase Order Maintenance Dates 

  • Addition of new functionality that lets you enter in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ Maintenance Dates into Line Items when creating a Purchase Order. These dates will then be passed on to the Asset once the Purchase Order has been delivered.

History Grid Enhancements

  • User Interface Changes to the grid display and available fields to make the History records easier to read.
  • Backend Improvements on the performance of History areas.

Select Multiple Records in Grid

  • Enhancement to the grid that allows users to perform operations on multiple records at a time.

Advance Notice for Maintenance Tasks

  • Added the ability to set an advance notice period for Work Orders.
  • The new controls allow you to set a number of periods ahead (eg. days, weeks, months or years) that a Work Order can be created for an Asset prior to the actual next due service date for that Asset.

Enhanced Login Page for Windows Authentication

  • HardcatWeb now has a new landing page for when Windows Authentication is enabled for single sign-on use.


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Note: Hardcat version 7 is free to SMA clients


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