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Hardcat® Lebosi® – law enforcement solutions – complete equipment, property and evidence management

Hardcat law enforcement equipment tracking and property and evidence solutions allow law enforcement organisations to improve their operational efficiencies and provide complete transparency across the life-cycle of assets, equipment, incidents, exhibits, evidence and general property management.

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The solution standardises processes around the issuing and returning, checking-in/out of OSE (Operational Safety Equipment) mission-critical equipment, and automates the governance and compliance around these critical assets.

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Hardcat Law Enforcement solutions maintain accountability for a wide range of equipment. From handguns to tasers, all operational safety equipment is tracked with custodianship details and maintenance logs. So you can be certain at all times about who has what and where. With a complete audit trail of all movements and history of transfer of custodianship.

Hardcat RFID reader scanning police car assets


Hardcat RFID reader scanning equipment on police officer

The Hardcat Lebosi – Law Enforcement Equipment Tracking and Management Solution (ETMS) used by the Victoria Police standardises processes around the issuing and returning of physical operational safety equipment and automates the governance and compliance around these critical assets.

Hardcat RFID application kiosk

Hardcat RFID Self-Serve Kiosk

Equipment tracking with RFID Sentinel

Hardcat’s Sentinel is a very true form of RFID. In that, the solution handles the identification and location of items. While the back-end of the Hardcat software delivers the capability to manage the lifecycle of assets, tools and equipment. Along with a means to connect (authenticate) and engage with the items. Read more on RFID Asset Tracking Sentinel.

Victoria Police

Victoria Police ETMS

Hardcat is very proud to have been awarded the Enterprise Equipment Tracking and Management Solution (ETMS) contract awarded by Victoria Police in April 2019.

We look forward to working with Victoria Police and the teams to ensure a successful implementation and roll-out to every police station. The solution will deliver standardisation of processes and automation of the governance and compliance of handling operational safety equipment first and foremost.

Hardcat senior law enforcement subject matter expert, Ms Filiz Tigli

Hardcat Lebosi proves the integrity of property and evidence

The Hardcat Law Enforcement solution effectively manages the investigative and forensic process by securing, tracking and maintaining the integrity of all digital and physical property and evidence with detailed audit trails, from capture or seizure through to disposal. Read the NSW Police case study

Hardcat Lebosi Property and Evidence Management PDF

Hardcat Property and Evidence PDF

Hardcat solutions provide organisations with the ability to capture exhibits at the scene and construct a complete audit trail of all movements and transfer of custody of that exhibit over its life. Live tracking means complete visibility at every stage and that the chain of custody is fully transparent.

Hardcat law enforcement solutions manage NSW Police forensic evidence with unprecedented governance over the full life-cycle providence of exhibits, from capture to disposal. Operationally, the Exhibits Forensics Information and Miscellaneous Property System EFIMS enable NSW Police to know the exact whereabouts and history of any piece of evidence gathered by any officer anywhere in the State of NSW Australia.

With complete mobility and accessibility, your officers can have immediate access to analysis and results and be efficient and accurate with instant logbook processing and reporting, wherever they are.

A single register for all operational safety equipment assets

  • Asset agnostic – built to manage all types of assets and equipment
  • Tracking and visibility through day-to-day transactions
  • Accountability and visibility of operational safety equipment
  • Mobile apps and tools to increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Auditing tools and processes to identify what is and isn’t there
  • Job management to keep a record of service history and compliance
  • Ensuring the safety of critical assets through user management
  • Ease of use
  • know where your operational equipment is located, whether it is ready to use and who last checked out each piece of equipment
  • Equipment can be scanned anywhere there is a scanner
  • Track equipment the same way everywhere, without delaying what you need to do
  • Hardcat Lebosi system takes the burden of checking-in/out equipment, not people, reducing errors
  • Provide dashboards and reports specific to user needs, creating a more efficient process (measured by a higher value stream efficiency than pre-implementation)
  • Hardcat Lebosi will improve data quality, and will leverage existing processes and resources where there is a clear benefit to
  • and much more…….

Hardcat law enforcement solutions provide transparency across the life cycle of all types of assets, equipment, incidents, exhibits, evidence and general property management.

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