Hardcat launches in India

Hardcat Launches Enterprise Solution in India


Mumbai, January 20, 2023: Yotta Data Services Private Limited (formerly Yotta Infrastructure) has partnered with Melbourne-based Hardcat Pty Ltd to launch Hardcat’s enterprise asset management platform, Hardcat® Lebosi®, in India.

Hardcat will leverage Yotta’s infrastructure platforms and service delivery capabilities to help a broad segment of enterprise and government organisations with simplified management of their complex high-value asset footprint throughout its lifecycle.

Hardcat is trusted by over 2,000 organisations, in 121 countries, including BAE Systems, Boeing, 3M, Shell, Sydney Opera House, Airbus, Siemens, Honda, Toyota, CAT, Ford, Victorian Police, and Avon Fire & Rescue Service, to name a few. Hardcat Lebosi is used by several industry verticals, such as Defence, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Healthcare, and Manufacturing in over 121 countries, delivering accountability and significantly improving profitability by offering real-time visibility of all assets.

Commenting on the Partnership


Sunil Gupta Yotta CEO

Hardcat and Yotta Sunil Gupta, Co-founder and CEO, Yotta said, “Yotta is driven by its objective of taking complexities out of enterprises’ growth journey. We do this by harnessing the power of partnerships and co-creation. Enterprises with a vast and complex physical asset footprint need a digital platform that helps them effortlessly manage the entire lifecycle of their assets. With our synergies with Hardcat, a pioneer in enterprise asset management solutions, we aim to eliminate the pain points of organisations from segments that tend to be challenged with a lack of visibility, control, and lifecycle management of their high-value assets. We look forward to building many customer success stories with the combined capabilities of Yotta and Hardcat.”


Dan Drum CEO Hardcat Pty Ltd

Hardcat Lebosi Dan Drum, Managing Director, Hardcat, said, “I’m excited about our partnership with Yotta. Working together, leveraging our complementary capabilities and strengths, Hardcat is uniquely positioned to deliver enterprise-wide Asset Management solutions to a broad range of industries in India. Confident in the knowledge that Hardcat Lebosi already has a proven track record of delivering solutions to our customers globally, my team looks forward to sharing Hardcat’s unique experiences, developed over decades, and utilising the features and flexibility provided by Hardcat Lebosi. We seek to empower organisations to optimise their investments and take control of their assets via active planning, having visibility, accountability, and traceability throughout their entire lifecycle – thus helping organisations gain certainty when it matters.”



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