Latest Hardcat News - 13 March, 2017

Hardcat Audit Services: The Easier Path to Data Integrity

Hardcat Audit Services: The Easier Path to Data Integrity

In addition to world-leading asset management software, Hardcat also offers data capture services which can include initial asset discovery and/or periodic asset Audit Services to existing and potential customers. It is not required that potential clients purchase the Hardcat software to avail themselves of our audit services.

For non-Hardcat users, we will use our software to perform the audit/data capture and supply an Excel spreadsheet containing your data and custom-configured for you to import into your existing asset management software.

The benefit of Hardcat performing the audit/data capture is that you are not required to purchase PDA’s as the Hardcat team will supply them with the service.

Several other benefits of this service include:

  • Independent external audit.
  • Taking advantage of Hardcat’s proven audit/data capture methodology.
  • Rapid audit completed in minimal time.
  • Audit completed at far less expense than you could achieve yourself.
  • Audit completed with far greater accuracy than you could achieve yourself.
  • No Risk.

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