Hardcat Asset Management Software Australia

Why Choose Us

10 reasons to choose Hardcat asset management software

  • Trust. Hardcat has been a world leader in fixed asset management for over 30 years with representation in over 120 countries and a client base that includes over 2,000 blue chip organisations.
  • Everything you need for optimised asset management. Hardcat is one-stop shop that can provide integrated hardware, modular software components and professional services designed to provide cradle-to-grave control of your assets.
  • Flexibility. Hardcat designs, develops and integrates flexible, tailored solutions that deliver high quality asset management solutions to meet the exact requirements of individual organisations
  • Business benefits. Hardcat asset management solutions save you time and money. Eliminate unnecessary asset purchases, reduce maintenance costs and reducing wastage in procurement and disposal.
  • Improve forecasting and budgeting. Accurate asset information will enable you to know the true cost of ownership on assets. More accurate planning of future projects and more accurate budgeting and forecasting of capital and maintenance expenditure.
  • Peace of mind. Hardcat can help your organisation meet its regulatory compliance obligations by providing accurate and up to date asset information that you can rely on. Our proven project methodology is used around the world to provide asset audits and asset register health checks.
  • Enforce organisational standards for efficiency, safety and accountability. Hardcat’s integrated software modules and processes delivers organisational efficiencies by enforcing standards across different business functions. This reduces bottlenecks, provides for more efficient “handovers”, and reduces overall labour costs and time to completion.
  • Risk Management. Accurate asset information will enable your organisation to reduce the incidence of asset “leakage” or theft with improved tracking and reporting capabilities. Accurate and consistent management of asset maintenance schedules ensures the risk of injury and subsequent litigation is minimised.
  • Maximise your investment. Hardcat’s modular approach and concurrent user licencing model allows you to purchase only those modules and licenses you require for your immediate business needs without having to purchase functions and seats you do not need.
  • Using the business power of asset knowledge. Hardcat will show you how to leverage asset knowledge into business advantage as well as taking the burden out of asset management so you can focus your energies and resources on doing what you do best and growing your own business.