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Effective And Efficient Fleet (Vehicle) Management

Fleet management is the process of managing and maintaining company vehicles (fleet), commonly made up of automobiles, trucks, and vans. Fleet management software may also assist businesses in looking after their drivers’ health and safety, as well as ensuring that they follow the law.

Fleet management solutions aim at reducing risks, improving safety and security, monitoring fleets, and optimizing fleet operations. They help in reducing the total cost of ownership, protecting investments in assets, assisting asset inventory management, facilitating preventative maintenance in compliance with vehicles’ Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) guidelines, and reducing repair costs by improving fleet safety.

Fleet owners have increased focus on operational efficiency

Comprehensive Fleet (Vehicle) Management Includes A Range Of Functions

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Comprehensive fleet management software optimises fleets and workflows, to help you reduce your costs and increase revenue. But what sets some software solutions apart from the competition, is in offering a complete end-to-end solution that can revolutionise the way you do business.

Fleets Run Better With Fleet Management Software

Fleet Items For Tracking

Fleet operations will struggle to comply with federal and industry-specific fleet management rules, have difficulty planning vehicle purchasing effectively, and will lack visibility into their operations and maintenance costs without fleet tracking software. Here are just some of the benefits of having a fleet management solution.


How Hardcat® Lebosi® Tackles Fleet Challenges for Fire Service


The Hardcat Lebosi software has been deployed and configured to provide the foundation of the asset and fleet management solution used to address the specific needs of the Fire Service in managing high-value and critical operational assets, and audit Auditor General recommendations.

Hardcat Lebosi software is now being used to manage all aspects of the Fire Service asset registers well as their maintenance and compliance needs. The deployment of the Hardcat solution has been implemented with organisational change activities delivered by the client’s Implementation Project, resulting in the successful implementation of common asset management processes that are now applied across the entire agency.

The solution has provided an asset-agnostic and tailored implementation that addresses the Fire Service’s needs for the management of a broad range of critical assets including:

  • Heavy Fleet – fire and specialist emergency response vehicles.
  • Light Fleet – cars, wagons, trailers etc.
  • Buildings and land – brigade, group, and regional headquarters.
  • Specialist equipment – SCBA, Hazmat and Road Crash Rescue kit etc.
  • Communications – Radios, Satellite Transmission equipment etc.
  • Administrative assets – fuel cards etc.

It takes a lot more than just owning and driving cars to run a fleet. Like the notion of business process management, it’s a complicated interaction of many distinct aspects and optimisations. In recent years, a growing number of solutions for optimising fleet management have emerged, and the way fleet management is done is changing.

Using Hardcat Fleet Management companies can:

  • Provide proof of compliance with federal and industry-specific fleet management regulations
  • Optimise fuel management, lower fuel consumption and expenses
  • Gain full control over vehicle purchasing
  • Have complete visibility into fleet operations and maintenance activities and expenses
  • Provide safer, more reliable vehicles
  • Lower risk of accidents and improve driver safety due to oversight of driving behaviour and speeding violation monitoring


Benefits Of Fleet Management Software

Fleet Purchasing

Make profitable decisions on procuring additional vehicles, what sort of vehicles to buy, or deciding if you can dispose of existing vehicles.

Control Unauthorised Use

Using company vehicles outside of working hours, along with dangerous driving, can result in additional costs to the company as well as potential litigation risks. A fleet management system will report on undesirable fleet activity.

Vehicle Maintenance

You can uncover patterns, track trends, and make smarter decisions to enhance your fleet’s future, using detailed records of servicing history. Vehicle maintenance records will help you identify any reoccurring problems with your cars.

Parts Inventory

Analyse and optimise your inventory by defining parts and tracking their flow in and out of inventory. Reorder parts, easily view and report excess and obsolete inventory, and much more.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance scheduling calculates reminders based on meter readings and date intervals, maintaining a list of services to be performed on your vehicles and when they are due.

Fuel Tracking

Track your fuel consumption, fuel purchases and kilometres driven.

Reminders and Reports

Get maintenance reminders for impending or past due maintenance, tyre life, issues/problems, licence renewals and more. Reporting is an essential element of fleet management and should help fleet managers report on maintenance schedules, driver safety, Hours-of-Service (HOS) compliance, and more.

Warranty Tracking

Warranty tracking on your vehicles (and parts) will result in significant savings in operational costs, directly impacting repair costs and extending the life cycle.

Custom Fields

Additional custom fields allow you to satisfy your special business needs, track company-specific info, or just be creative.

Multiple Site Locations

Keep parts inventory and vehicle units separate in multiple site locations for more efficient inventory tracking.

User and Group Security

Set user or group access levels for full administrative access or controlled areas.

Data Imports, Exports and APIs

Ability to import necessary fleet data into other software you are using such as finance system, or export it out to CSV and XL file formats for a faster process of transferring data. API interfaces will allow your existing software to communicate, reducing the double-entry of data. For more on APIs read better outcomes through better integration.

Tire and Lifetime Analysis

Keep tire costs as low as possible while receiving optimal performance and reliability. Track tire life cycle, tread wear, location on the vehicle, and vendor warranty information. Alerting you when a tire is approaching the end of the life cycle and records vehicle/equipment tire usage history.

Physical Inventory/Fleet Audit

Ability to run quick and easy physical inventory audits across all your sites using smartphones and/or tablet devices to effectively maintain an accurate register of all your assets, fleet, tools and equipment inventories.

Transfer Parts From One Site To Another

Request to transfer parts/vehicles/tools/assets from one site to another and automatically adjust the associated inventories during the process.

Vehicle Expense Records

Keep records of all expenses (and copies of documentation) within your operations costs such as insurance, depreciation, parts, assets, services for vehicles and equipment for the entire fleet.

Driver’s Daily Logs

Oversee driver Hours of Service regulations and keep detailed driver log information, capturing state mileage and fuel usage daily.

Reported Problems

Create work orders (log and take images) of mechanical problems found, for each vehicle needing maintenance. Keep vehicle downtime to a minimum and make sure vehicles with problems are not used, keeping drivers safe and preventing future issues.

Licensing and Permits

Attach vehicle and driver licensing, permits, registration information, training, driver physicals and certifications, to help avoid costly penalties, violations and fines. Fleet tracking software will alert you to approaching expiration dates.

Personnel Management

Assign drivers to vehicles, work orders, and purchase orders, and keep track of employee documents.


Why Hardcat Software?


Knowing where your vehicles are is just the first part of the job. We offer a complete asset management system to help you tag, track, audit, maintain and optimise your assets, fleet, tools and equipment, property and evidence in a way that gives you certainty when it matters.

Hardcat solutions feature faster workflows and a robust web application that will help keep your fleet’s productivity thriving. Our solutions are adaptable, feature-rich, and easy to use. The Hardcat fleet management, maintenance and inventory/parts management package deliver powerful functionality without compromising on simplicity.

  • Easy to use
  • Great support
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Software developed inhouse

Hardcat software is a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) offering that is configurable to suit customer requirements and tailorable to the assets/equipment/fleet you wish you manage across your organisation. This means:

  • One single solution
  • One register for tracking ownership and custodianship
  • All types of assets, communications and equipment
  • Reduced operational cost liabilities

Hardcat software solutions are a simple alternative to spreadsheets and outdated fleet software. Let us help you automate fleet tasks and keep your drivers, vehicles, assets and equipment running smoothly. Combine our fleet management with assets and equipment management for one platform for maintenance inspections, cost tracking, work orders, parts and inventory assignments.

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