Victoria Police and ETMS – Operational Equipment Tracking

Victoria Police hands $5M equipment tracking contract to Hardcat

Hardcat is very proud to have been awarded the enterprise Equipment Tracking and Management Solution (ETMS) contract awarded by Victoria Police in April 2019.

Hardcat an Australian asset and equipment tracking solution supplier was last week awarded the contract to provide a complete solution for the tracking and management of Victoria Police enterprise operational safety equipment.

The Hardcat ETMS solution standardises processes around the issuing and returning of physical operational safety equipment such as firearms and automates the governance and compliance around these critical assets.

Hardcat Senior Account Manager and Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expert, Ms Filiz Tigli said Hardcat is very proud to have been awarded the Enterprise Equipment Tracking and Management Solution contract awarded by Victoria Police last week.

We look forward to working with Victoria Police and the teams to ensure a successful implementation and roll-out to every police station. The solution will deliver standardisation of processes and automation of the governance and compliance of handling operational safety equipment first and foremost.

Filiz Tigli – Global Development, Sales & Partner Manager

Mr Dan Drum Hardcat Founder and CEO congratulated the Hardcat team on demonstrating the high-value solution and committed the business to successfully delivering this crucial implementation for the Victoria Police Force.

Mr Drum went to explain “this project represents a great win for Victoria Police and reinforces Hardcat’s credentials in complete asset, evidence and service job management”.

08 April 2019 15:46 | Publication: ARN

Victoria Police hands $5M asset tracking contract to Hardcat

Australian asset and evidence tracking solution provider Hardcat has been selected by the Victoria Police to provide equipment tracking management systems. The contract is part of Victoria Police’s digital transformation journey to boost capability through workforce reform and technology.

“This system will standardise the operational safety and management of issuing and returning physical operational equipment. This includes Victoria Police issued operational safety equipment such as firearms,” A Victoria Police spokesperson told ARN.

Hardcat® Lebosi® equipment tracking solutions will keep your critical assets in the right hands, at the right time and not only track your tools and equipment but ensure they are safe and correctly maintained to meet your compliance requirements with Hardcat law enforcement solutions.

Stay tuned! – A full case study coming soon.

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