Why You Need Equipment Tracking Software

Equipment tracking, the sheer volume of expensive and ever-expiring equipment, and the importance of getting the right equipment to the right people, at the right time, makes equipment management particularly challenging.

For any workplace, tools and equipment tracking is not only essential, it delivers resource certainty. If you don’t know what things you own, you will never know if they are working correctly and how much they cost you over their life-cycle.

Many of the organisations carry out manual tracking of their equipment. But this results in loss of time and energy which can be utilised in doing something more constructive.

Whichever sector your organisation belongs to, there are always various kinds of tools involved in the process. Most of these tools are costly, which cannot be bought again and again. However, some are so tiny they can be easily misplaced.

To avoid all such inconveniences, it has become essential to get these tools maintained. In such circumstances, tracking and management software is a quick help. This software replaces a large number of workers deployed to keep track of equipment (assets). It further assists in saving time and enables easy management of tools.

What Is Equipment Tracking Software?

Manual tracking of equipment can be challenging especially if your organisation deals with hundreds of pieces of equipment. That’s where equipment tracking software does the magic. Using such software will cut short the demand for human managers.

Hardcat solutions keep track of any type of asset (tools, equipment, vehicles, office etc.). This software assists in knowing all past utilisations and current usage regarding any type of equipment. Thus, it reduces the chances of your gear getting misplaced.

Apart from easy management, this software can be accessed from almost anywhere. Whether you are sitting kilometres away ‘in the field’ or away from your desk, a smartphone is all you need to have access to the Hardcat database tracking software.

Hardcat software can also notify you about security concerns. If any employee tries to leave a site without putting tools at a prescribed place (where a scanner is located), the software can instantly report the moment. The software not only helps in adding credibility to your business but also leads to several advantages given ahead.

The Hardcat Software Advantage

Why Do You Need Equipment Tracking Software?

Are you tired of maintaining records manually? Or do you want to reduce theft and misplacement? Well, for all these frustrations to end, your business requires tracking and management software. To reduce not only your frustration regarding locating your tools and preserving their security but for warranty and maintenance tracking as well.

Apart from relieving your stress, equipment tracking software comes with multiple advantages as well. Have a look through the following features:

Easy management:

Loss of management can result in higher damage to the equipment. Consequently, the damage increases the amount you spend on maintenance. With the help of software, you can have access to easy maintenance management. Equipment tracking software enables you to report on which pieces of equipment demand maintenance. And which item is under warranty. It can also give reminders as per the maintenance schedule.

Apart from maintenance, this software can quickly help you know which equipment is being used by which group/site. This instant access to location tracking also helps in maintaining an organised setup for your tools.

Checking-in and checking-out tools and equipment:

When you run a big organisation, keeping a check on each employee and each tool can get extensive. With the help of tracking software, you can easily maintain checks and balances among all types of equipment.

The process becomes relatively straightforward when the software checks out each tool against the user. To put it simply, you scan the tools and equipment, and the user ID to have an authentic record and accountability record. This visible action reduces the chances of theft and misplacement to a great extent.

If you want to know details regarding any equipment, simply scan the asset tag through the software to have access to the entire list of employees that have used the item, past and current locations/sites and maintenance records in an instant.

Increased protection:

This aspect of the software may sound unreal. But what if it tells you that it can significantly benefit you? By reducing the costs for hiring managers, this ‘single source of truth’ software can instantly replace thousands of manual business operations, thus cutting costs.

If you want to know where a piece of specific equipment currently lies, the task can become challenging for a layman. However, this software can instantly let your spot the equipment with its astonishing accuracy. You can also visualise geographically where your assets are located on a map! Simply search for the registered equipment and the software can take you to the exact location. Thus, eliminate the chances of your tools getting misplaced.

Effective reservations:

To keep your work going on, with a consistent flow sounds like a dream. But it can become possible by the use of tracking software. No matter what type of business or organisation you own, there occur small instances that cause a hitch. With hundreds of tools used by each site, the conflicting reservations for the same equipment can be exhausting.

Don’t let the unavailability of tools get into delaying your work. Apart from tracking, this software does the job for reservations as well. By reserving, it means to put an organised schedule for equipment usage.

This software comes with a calendar. By scanning a tool, you can easily manage each item’s availability status for a specific period. Supposedly, if two sectors require the same tool to work, you can quickly check for the availability and set the schedule of work accordingly.

Improved organisation reduces labour work:

A jumbled workshop never appears to be inviting. Instead, it adds to the complexity of the task. Looking for a specific tool may involve several hours of labour work when there is no tracking system in place to let you know the last location of that piece of equipment. This simple task can demand time you don’t have, but implementing equipment tracking software lets you know the exact location of your expensive items, for a better-organised workshop or site, saving you time and money.

If you don’t have any tracking software, you can observe significant working hours going to waste, in search of tools and equipment.

In comparison, if your business runs through tracking software, one can have automatic access regarding the type and location of the tool in demand. With the help of improved technology, locating a device becomes even more comfortable. Since everything is automatic, the software reduces the requirement for manual effort. Thus, leads toward saving time, which can be spent more efficiently.

Quick reports:  

Along with equipment usage, assessment of equipment condition is necessary to avoid breakdowns. For instance, your car alerts you when fuel is running out, likewise, tracking software keeps a strict check over the condition of each piece of equipment. Alerting you to maintenance events such as calibration tests and preventative maintenance.

If any equipment needs updating or replacement, equipment tracking software can help you know in time before a breakdown occurs.

Accuracy and peace of mind:

Last but not least, equipment tracking software works with efficient accuracy. By scanning a barcode tag and/or RFID tag, they can keep track of an unlimited amount of information, such as how many items are left in stock. The software can automatically let you know which item needs to be restocked.

Similarly, many of the workplaces utilise location accuracy. This helps them in determining the exact location of the equipment required for the task.

Since everything can be done automatically through software, it can help release a significant amount of stress and employees time, if we compare it to managing everything manually.

Tracking software works as a saviour to provide peace of mind and exceptional functionality.

Tool management – going beyond the basics

To Wrap It Up!

Hardcat software is a cloud-based and on-premise tracking and management solution for organisations in construction, defence and military, emergency services, hospitals, aged care, financial services, hospitality, law enforcement, and telecommunications industries.

Hardcat solutions provide a suite of modularized products to help users improve the utilisation, maintenance, and financial management of their asset base. The application restructures and automates processes while providing wide-ranging and instant visibility of tools and equipment information over its entire lifecycle to eventual disposal.

Success Stories

Hardcat tools and equipment tracking solution Since 2014, ADNOC Gas Processing has been tracking the usage of thousands of tool and equipment assets with Hardcat.

Hardcat mining equipment tracking and maintenance solution for BHP a world-leading resources company.

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