COVID-19 Update – Message From Our CEO

Last updated: April 2022

Dear valued clients

The COVID-19 situation is continuing to evolve however it is clear that the entire community will be touched in some way. If you, your staff, your family, or your friends have personally suffered a grave impact of COVID-19, our sincere condolences are with you.

Hardcat has been monitoring and contemplating the growing body of knowledge on COVID-19 and I think it is now timely that I update all of our customers on Hardcat’s readiness to work through the situation. Now, as ever, certainty matters.

Hardcat will continue to act in a measured, proportionate, informed way, taking cues from the expert medical advice of Australian authorities.

My team are committed to continuity of service to our customers and equally, Hardcat is aware of its duty to our community, by minimising the spread of COVID-19 to mitigate the impact on our country’s medical facilities. To that end, Hardcat has established a strategy that will enable team members to self-isolate as required and as directed, with robust remote-access infrastructure in place to enable the continuation of:

  • Superior support services
  • Software implementations
  • Training services
  • Implementation workshops
  • Software delivery

Undoubtedly, there will be schedule disruptions as travel advisories cause Hardcat and our customers to reconsider travel. We will work together to resolve any such issues. Hardcat remains fully operational, and our software and project work is continuing.

Our commitment to our customers is second only to the health and wellbeing of our people. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to your Hardcat contacts.

All the best,

Dan Drum
Chief Executive Officer
Hardcat Pty Ltd
P +61 3 9695 5400 |

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