Choosing an asset tracking solution; important considerations

Choosing an asset tracking solution to manage your important assets and equipment can be daunting. There are so many options on the market, and what works for one organisation may not be the right choice for you. Evaluating solutions is time-consuming, especially if you’re a bit unsure of what you need.

In this blog, we will discuss important aspects to take into consideration when deciding which asset software to buy or upgrade to.

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Important considerations when choosing an asset tracking solution

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Anytime anywhere access

Cloud-hosted SaaS options are accessible on any web-enabled device. Smartphones, PDAs, tablets and laptops provide you with mobility and accessibility no matter where you are. So you can keep an eye on those assets, even when they’re out of sight.

Configurable and scalable

As your business evolves, your asset management requirements will change too. Choosing an asset tracking solution that is easy for you to configure, and offers scalability means you can create a bespoke asset management system that evolves with the needs of your organisation.

Real-time reporting for complete visibility

Need to know what’s going on and need to know at any given time? Real-time searchable asset data gives you reports at your fingertips. Create simple dashboards and automated alerts/emails to access what’s important to you and have complete visibility and control of your assets while at home or in the field.

Control asset acquisitions and the procurement process

At a glance, you should know everything about your procurement and asset purchase orders. Including a complete history and current status of all purchase orders that can be filtered by suppliers, assets, budgets or departments. This means that you can easily see what assets are on order, their cost and what has been received and what is overdue.

Scalable and configurable

Your asset management system should let you create the framework you want. Easily configurable systems allow you to scale up and down as your business needs change, putting control firmly in your hands.

Deeper business intelligence

Rich data provides you with the critical insights you need to make all sorts of asset decisions. When the data is accessible wherever you are, it’s not hard to make the big calls that will optimise your assets and ensure better governance.

Reasons why organisations use Hardcat solutions

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Better outcomes through better integration

Hardcat embraces system interoperability utilising a suite of powerful tools and techniques. Out of the box, Hardcat provides you with a powerful import and export capability that can be scheduled to meet data synchronisation requirements. Thus ensuring that only the required information is shared and the most appropriate integrators and vendors are consuming data.

Creates operational efficiencies

Drive efficiencies by connecting your office and field teams for faster processing and improved data integrity. Automate labour-intensive audits and data collection by utilising Hardcat’s handheld scanning solutions, combined with the latest identification and tracking technology. Achieve near-perfect accuracy and reduce the time required to undertake audits by eliminating human error and cumbersome, disconnected spreadsheets.

More control where you need it

The full knowledge, control and power of Hardcat is at hand whether you are in the office or in the field. Hardcat provides you with mobility and accessibility even when you are offline, so you can empower in-field staff to rapidly and accurately capture data, complete inspections and work orders, view reports and complete audits, wherever they are.

Make faster more informed decisions

Hardcat’s tagging and tracking solution capture critical insights on assets, so you can identify assets that are missing, in the wrong location, not being utilised, in poor condition, or not in the database. And with the data accessible anytime and anywhere, your team can improve efficiency and responsiveness in the management, repair and maintenance of critical assets.

Prevent breakdowns and maintain your business continuity

Ensure assets and equipment are operating at peak efficiency at all times by proactively scheduling inspections and maintenance activities based on operational intelligence and best practices. Hardcat can also enable intelligent maintenance through the data input of sensors that continuously monitor asset performance. With careful analysis of IoT sensor data, a technician with the right skill set can be scheduled to inspect a failing asset, before it fails.

Plan, forecast and manage your maintenance

Know everything about your asset maintenance from past, current and future maintenance schedules, to operating costs, warranty, maintenance, support, and performance history – so you prove your integrity when it matters. Hardcat’s maintenance management solution delivers rich data that provides you with the critical insights you need to forecast, make decisions and manage resources that will optimise your assets and mitigate the risk of breakdowns.

Mobile maintenance crews

Efficiently manage your maintenance crews to maximise your productivity. Hardcat allows you to set up common tasks, templates and workflows, and automatically schedule recurring work orders. Automate alerts of pending, in-progress, incomplete and missed maintenance events, with in-built escalations, so maintenance is always completed on time, every time.

Improved budget control and productivity

Match your available expenditure to your procurement schedules and trigger alerts as thresholds are met, so you never over order or go over budget again. With the automation of administrative tasks across the entire procurement solution, as well as pre-defined processes and permissions and simplified re-ordering, you can significantly improve your operational efficiency and budget control.

Flexible configuration and reporting

Your data, your way. Hardcat allows you to configure your solution to suit your industry, currency, regulatory and governance requirements and tax jurisdictions. It puts the power back in your hands to develop and design custom reports and dashboards – by configuration rather than costly custom software development. It also integrates with many popular third-party systems and is scalable to react to changes in your business. Easily configure it to cover a single office location, to countrywide, or even the world.

Improved control over asset depreciation

When it comes to depreciation, the Hardcat solution provides best practice without the huge configuration and cost. The Hardcat platform is agnostic, so data can easily be imported and exported to the most popular enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle and Dynamics.

Group visibility in a single system

With Hardcat you don’t need to separate non-depreciable assets, such as leased items, from assets that are depreciable in financial reporting processes. This means that you can know everything about your assets that matters and each individual asset class can be assigned its own depreciation rates and methods and exported to financials. No matter whether you operate across multiple countries and currencies, Hardcat allows you to depreciate all assets for all variables in a single system, providing group visibility.

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We’re proud to be trusted by over 2,000 organisations in over 120 countries for the integrity and reliability of our asset tracking solutions.

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