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AV Equipment Tracking


AV equipment tracking (Audio-Visual), safety and finance associated with the film industry have historically been controlled via paper-based spreadsheets and clipboards. But what if you replaced your production paperwork (for both above and below-the-line crews) with a cloud-based software solution that kept everyone up to date on-set, with work orders and the latest safety information?

Track every aspect of your owned, leased or saleable equipment, gear, sets and props from initial budget through to final sale/disposal/return.

You could reduce your insurance for owned or leased equipment such as cameras, camera equipment, sound, and lighting, editing equipment, grip equipment and projectors. And reduce extended insurance coverage of mobile equipment vans and studio location units by proving ownership, accountability and compliance.

The key is to make sure equipment comes back, and if not in good condition, who is accountable?

Stringent safety requirements apply to the screen industry, especially in regard to special effects, stunts, firearms and weapons. With only qualified people being permitted to operate in these fields, it is essential to know that the right equipment is assigned to the correctly qualified crew for proof of compliance.

Production must undertake a safety report and make known all risks about possible dangers relating to water, boats, roads, traffic, vehicles and vehicle mounts for example. And this information must be sent to the safety supervisor and available on-set for proof of compliance.

Checking in or Checking out equipment from location to location is as easy as a quick phone scan.

Below-the-line crew require up-to-date information regarding on-set equipment, where they are and whether they are in working order. And if not, be able to create work orders, take photos of damaged equipment and send that information to the relevant department(s).

Hardcat equipment tracking

Consider the Benefits


  • Crews could view on their mobile what items and equipment have been assigned to them for the day. Find that equipment quickly and where other gear is located if needed and when it needs to be returned, reducing unnecessary purchases and petty cash expenses.
  • Discreet costume tagging would allow the Art Department to keep track of where items are, who has been given this item and when items need to be returned, plus costings for the Accounts Department. A quick scan of a person’s ID and costume tag and you have accountability recorded!
  • Safety supervisors can view the latest safety documentation and permits, quickly checking to see if PPE and other equipment are on set and ready for associated special effects and risky locations.
  • Producers can track and log equipment expenses, insurance, leases and taxes.
  • Production managers can track the movement of gear to ensure timely on-set arrival and track movements of leased equipment, with alerts to ensure items are returned.
  • Directors of photography (Cinematographers) can check each set has the required lighting and camera systems, where the set is located and who has custody of critical equipment.
  • Camera operators can quickly view their list of assigned equipment to be sure batteries, media cards and other accessories are ready for the next group of shots or scenes. And typically tasked with building the camera at the beginning of the day, making sure the correct equipment is available.
  • Gaffers can view the availability of lighting, flags, nets or diffusion filter equipment and where this equipment is on location or elsewhere at any given time.
  • Grip departments can access production equipment information to check on current issues, record equipment problems and automatically escalate to the correct department.
  • Electricians can record and manage power draw on the building or generator and track the placement of distribution boxes.


Perfect for Universities, Schools and Theatre Departments


Hardcat equipment tracking software is delivering resource certainty in the public sector. Specifically designed to control any assets, expenses, documents/permits and leasing, Hardcat is eliminating the need for manual logs or the use of multiple systems. A modularised database, Hardcat allows you to choose which business processes to include with your equipment tracking solution.

  • Workplace health & safety management
  • Check stock levels of AV consumables
  • Log safety reports and key documentation
  • Track equipment, increasing accountability
  • Search and find the missing equipment
  • Alerts for overdue maintenance
  • Planned maintenance reports
  • Quick and controlled issue and return
  • Report missing and damaged equipment
  • Track your vehicles and gasoline consumption
  • Save time loading and unloading equipment
  • Reduce subcontractor hours
  • Quickly create work orders and schedule maintenance
  • Reduce the overall cost of your production by deterring theft
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Increased equipment utilisation
  • Prove accountability and compliance
  • Improve on-site productivity


Mobile tracking technology using your smartphone is fast and accurate, providing complete mobility and accessibility on location. A single source of knowledge to keep your production within budget and on schedule.

AV equipment tracking is accessible on any device at any time 24/7 – empower your workforce!

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Get your production running smoothly with complete control of any item, large or small, anywhere, on any device.


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