Maintenance management

Hardcat maintenance module and mobility with MiCatX Maintenance management and reducing the impact of breakdowns and downtime are the main objectives of maintenance. But the strategies adopted by [...]

Geo-mapping with Hardcat

Who doesn’t want to know exactly where their assets are? HardcatWeb’s geo-mapping geolocation feature integrates with public and private Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Enabling [...]

RFID vs Barcode technology

So RFID is a technology that’s been around since at least the 1970s! But until recently it’s been too expensive, and too limited, to be practical for many commercial applications. But [...]

Asset procurement risks

Asset procurement risks are real and can cost your organisation! Conservative estimates that procurement errors (purchasing the wrong product, purchasing the product for a higher price) and a [...]

Document tracking

Organisations need to take strict measures to control their business information and the challenge is not only finding a robust tracking solution that is easy to use and identifies poor [...]

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