Hardcat Audit Services – easiest path to data integrity

Asset tag, capture, reconcile and audit services

The Hardcat Professional Services team will conduct an audit of your existing assets, asset discovery and reconciliation. Building you an accurate database that reports on what assets you have, where they are located and a whole lot more!

It is not a requirement for Hardcat Services customers to purchase any hardware or software. Utilise our audit services and we will perform the audit/data capture. Supplying you with a file containing your data, custom configured for you to import into your existing asset management software.

Leverage our experience with 1000+ audit operations so far…..

Hardcat tools have been proven in over a thousand audit exercises with fast capture rates, and have been proven to reduce the overall cost of physical audits. Fast, efficient audit and reconciliation using mobile asset audit tools, asset audit software and our Hardcat Professional Services team.

Asset Discovery – discover assets you never knew you had! These newly discovered assets will be added to your asset register for you to claim immediate tax rebates.

Asset Search and Find – find assets that you have not been able to locate before! This allows for write-offs thereby actioning immediate taxation rebates.

Highlight Assets – catalogue for disposal any assets that are nonstandard or in poor condition, past expiry, redundant or no longer in use.

What are the benefits?

  • Independent external audit
  • Taking advantage of Hardcat’s proven audit/data capture methodology
  • Rapid audit completed in minimal time
  • Audit completed at less expense
  • Audit completed with far greater accuracy
  • No risk

Don’t have Hardcat software but still need our audit and reconciliation services? No problem, we can utilise our software and technologies to deliver an accurate asset register in a format that you require.

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