Hardcat Lebosi® Enterprise

Assets, Inventory, Fleets and Facilities, Maintenance and Fault Tracking.

Enterprise asset management software has evolved significantly. Today cloud hosting, standardised web APIs, and conducting maintenance and audits via smartphones and tablets are standard features of modern asset management solutions.

Our enterprise software Hardcat Lebosi complements ERP and finance systems, leveraging your existing investments in enterprise software, delivering the item and cost traceability demands of modern organisations.

Optimise the utilisation of assets, inventory, tools and equipment throughout their life cycle, increase productive uptime and reduce operational costs.

Hardcat Lebosi solutions provide a single source of truth for governance, risk and compliance around the management and maintenance of buildings and facilities and critical operational assets.

Our EAM software solutions support service job tracking (work order tracking), and planned maintenance job templates for ease of cyclical job creation and planning, with control over reactive maintenance and job requests.

Hardcat solutions assist many organisations, from manufacturing to emergency services to help them operate efficiently and maintain uninterrupted equipment functioning at the lowest cost.

Our maintenance management and fleet management solutions will assist your organisation in predicting potential operational problems before they occur and empower the workforce with all the necessary information.

Incorporating more than 36 years of asset management industry experience, Hardcat Lebosi software is proudly Australian-owned and developed. Hardcat continues to grow the solution suite in-house. Find out how Hardcat Lebosi can assist you in managing your assets at a more granular level, to meet operational and compliance requirements.

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Single view

Gain greater control of complex environments

Enterprise asset management involves work management, asset maintenance, planning and scheduling, supply chain management and environmental, health and safety initiatives. At a glance know everything about your assets and equipment to realise their true value. This requires asset management to interact with many functions and departments of an organisation as assets can touch many areas.

Analytics and Data

Management and site view of assets

Hardcat Lebosi provides flexibility to set up which user and at what level, can have visibility and access to information and assets. Flexibility to structure the system the way you want to use it. For an organisation that would like to gain better utilisation and ROI on their assets across multiple organisational units and locations, there is value in having visibility of assets you have, where they are located at any given time and sharing data.


Integration with existing systems

All software components are designed to provide superior asset management capabilities which can stand alone or complement wider-reaching ERP and finance systems such as SAP and Oracle. Hardcat Lebosi will perform the functions that your ERP was not designed to perform.

What our clients say

“We have never seen a tier-one solution go live with so few impairments. The training solution created by Hardcat is the gold standard.”

Major Police Force

Flexible and powerful enterprise asset management


Optimise inventory management

Know exact inventory usage for critical assets to ensure you never run out or over order stock again. Know your inventory location, quantity, when it was used, and for what purpose with a complete audit trail.


Proactive forecasting, audit and replacement

Hardcat Lebosi provides centralised data for proactive forecasting, auditing and replacement. Notifications and operational dashboard alerts keep you on track.


Easy to use interface

Hardcat Lebosi is simple to use, making it easier to find what you need, when you need it. An intuitive user experience means better governance; after all, a system that is easy to use is more likely to be used correctly.

Hardcat’s end-to-end asset management solutions

Asset management


Asset tracking




Asset depreciation

Property & Evidence

We’re proud to be trusted by over 2,000 organisations in over 120 countries for the integrity and reliability of our asset tracking solution. How can we help you?