Emergency Equipment

Visibility and Control Over Your Entire Equipment Inventory.

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Emergency Service Equipment Manager is a specialty toolset specifically designed to meet the unique needs of individual emergency services organisations.


  • Reduced risk of equipment failure
  • Increased Equipment Utilisation
  • Improved accountability and governance
  • Complete chain of custody on all equipment
  • Centralised in-depth inventory


  • Easy to customise with accessible API
  • Infinite categories and sub-categories
  • Global, user-definable fields
  • Browser-based viewing - any device
  • Custom reports

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Over 2,000 blue chip organisations in over 120 countries around the world have chosen Hardcat for their fixed asset management needs.


Asset and equipment inventory tracking software

Improved Inventory Management

Hardcat Equipment Manager is an equipment inventory tracking software which allowd companies to structure and categorise their entire tools and equipment register within the core Hardcat module while also collecting, tracking and reporting on a wealth of information about each piece of equipment.

Flexible asset tagging system for all your tools and equipment

Flexible Asset Tagging Options

Tools can be identified either by directly marking the tool or applying a tag. Hardcat Tool Manager accommodates all different tagging options available for marking your tools and equipment such as:

  • ​Barcode tagging
  • ​QR Codes
  • ​Dot Peening
  • ​RFID tags
  • ​NFC
Efficient issue and returns starts with comprehensive tagging of your equipment

Efficient Issue and Returns

The process of issuing and returning equipment is made dramatically faster and more accurate with the use of mobile scanners at the point of issue.

  • ​total asset visibility
  • ​instant asset tracking
  • ​quick, simple to use & accurate
  • ​labour, time & cost efficient
  • ​improved asset security
Equipment tracking and inventory management software

Visibility, Notifications and Reports

An emergency equipment asset management software that provides simple and detailed reporting with user defined dashboards and alerts, and offers the user complete visibility and control of their tool inventory.

  • ​Over 200 standard reports
  • ​User defined reports
  • ​Available in .pdf, email, excel or dashboard
  • ​Scheduled or ad hoc
  • ​Automatic alerts

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“The Hardcat solution helps engineers to ensure the Synchrotron’s components are regularly maintained to sustain a successful operation of the facility.”

— Ian Graham Operations Support, Manager, Australian Synchrotron

Safety and Inspection Compliance

Set maintenance or inspections routines on specific pieces of equipment with automated work order distribution to appropriate individual, team or external contractor. Improved Governance, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance with full repair and maintenance history recorded.

Rapid, Accurate Equipment Issue and Return

Where speed and accuracy are paramount, mobile scanning through Hardcat's ESE Manager makes the process of issue and return faster and more accurate. In addition to improved asset security, it allows service personnel to get out on the job quicker with less manual inventory audit upon return.

Flexible Asset Tagging Options

Tools and equipment can be identified using a combination of tagging methods, all of which can be read at point of issue/return or in the field through handheld devices. Hardcat ESE Manager accommodates a range of options including Barcodes, QR Codes, Dot Peening, RFID and NFC.

Platform Agnostic Mobility

As a browser-based application, Hardcat ESE Manager is available on any web-enabled device. Smart phones, PDAs, tablets and laptops can all be used making the full knowledge, control and power at hand in the field.

Rapid Deployment

Hardcat has been designed for fast, simple deployment. It is simple to use and ready for importing existing data or for a full audit and capture exercise from scratch. Professional services also available to capture and/or verify data integrity.

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Hardcat Emergency Service Equipment Manager offers Military Grade Inventory Asset Management

Hardcat Sample Savings

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Weapons Audit for Whole of State Police Force

  • Reduce time to perform equipment audit by 80%
  • Reduce time to perform issue & return by 90%
  • Reduce time to produce equipment usage reporting by 80%

—Ian Graham Operations Support, Manager, Australian Synchrotron

“The Hardcat solution helps engineers to ensure the Synchrotron’s components are regularly maintained to sustain a successful operation of the facility.”

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